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This is the true story of scientific child prodigy, and former baby genius, Ainan Celeste Cawley, written by his father. It is the true story, too, of his gifted brothers and of all the Cawley family. I write also of child prodigy and genius in general: what it is, and how it is so often neglected in the modern world. As a society, we so often fail those we should most hope to see succeed: our gifted children and the gifted adults they become. Site Copyright: Valentine Cawley, 2006 +

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Winnower article - "Abortion is an "Infinite Crime.""

It is some while since I last posted. Life has been busy.

I have just published an article that some of you might find interesting or important. It is entitled:

"Abortion is an "Infinite Crime": a Discussion of the Definition, Ethics and Implications."

It is published on the open access, post publication peer review journal site, The Winnower.

Please have a read and share it with others via Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, and the mass media if you have influence over them, too. Of all my academic writings, I think this is the most important. Once women understand the full implications of an abortion, fewer will choose that option. Thus, spreading the word about my article, will save the lives of unborn babies. I think that is worth doing. So, please raise awareness about my article. Thank you.

Please have a read of it here:

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can give in raising awareness of my article.

Valentine Cawley.

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Thursday, May 07, 2015

My IMDB Pro page, for acting work.

I realize that I have rarely posted photos of what I look like, on this fact, I haven't done so for many years. However, the other day, I joined IMDB Pro - the "bible" for the film and TV industry. On my profile, you will find some very recent photos taken in March 2015.

So, if you are curious about either how I look these days or what I have been up to in acting, please take a look at my IMDB Pro profile here:

You will also find details of some recent acting projects - but note, that only a minority of my film and TV projects are listed on IMDB, because listing something there is quite challenging at times and requires a lot of information from the producers.

Thank you.

Written by Valentine Cawley

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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Mrs Boysis. Please contact me.

Mrs Boysis, you left a message for me, on my blog, a couple of weeks back. I posted a reply to your message under the blog post that you had commented on, asking you to leave me an email address with which to correspond with you on the matter of your enquiry. You have not done so, so far. Please do so.

I would would like to help you with the matter of your enquiry but I have no means to contact you, so I have not been able to do so. So, please post a comment below, leaving me a means to contact you. I shall not post anything private like your number or email don't worry. Thank you.

Valentine Cawley


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