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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sympathy for one’s fellow animals.

Sometimes, it is the quality of a personality that impresses – particularly in the emotions in they feel for others and what drives those emotions.

Yesterday, Tiarnan was watching a programme on National Geographic Channel, about deadly snakes. One particular snake was shown swallowing a rat whole. Tiarnan watched this with rapt attention and leant forward a little.

“So sad.” He said, with a voice rich in feeling. “So sad.”

I said nothing but simply hugged him to me, with my right arm.

Again, the snake was shown eating a rat. “So sad.” He remarked again.

His mother Syahidah was surprised at this reaction. “That is a rat, Tiarnan.”

“No. It is not. They are nice.”

We both were touched by his sympathy towards this furry victim.

He paused for a moment and then said: “It is not a rat. It is a mouse.”

We didn’t argue the point. What was important was that he actually cared about his fellow creature and what happened to them. He felt genuine sadness to see the “mouse”, eaten whole.

This reaction of Tiarnan impressed me because too often, people nowadays seem to care little for their fellow man – or their fellow creatures. Yet, Tiarnan is able to feel genuine sympathy for his fellow creature – however small that creature may be, in the scheme of things.

What a sweetie Tiarnan is.

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