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Monday, April 01, 2013

A child composer’s view on music.

Ainan has a curious view on music. For him, music is not what it is to most people.

A few months ago, he remarked: “Music is a hard science – since every note is affected by the history of all the other notes.”

I found this an interesting remark, in several ways. Firstly, Ainan clearly understands Music to be a Science and not an Art. He comes at it from a scientific perspective and tries to construct his music, as a composer, in a scientific fashion: he brings reason to it, not just taste (though I observe there is plenty of that, too). It is possible that this particular approach to music, will lead to Ainan’s music being different from that produced by those who believe music to be an Art (everyone else). I am curious as to where this unusual outlook on music will lead him. Then again, the second half of his remark, makes it clear that Ainan sees music as a whole: each piece of music is a large scale structure, in which all the component parts – the notes – are influenced by all their fellows and guided thereby. To me, this means that Ainan has a “big picture” outlook on the composition of music, allied to an attention to the smallest detail – how each note is affected by all the other notes. He is simultaneously observing the whole and the parts. This is suggestive, to my mind of a unified form of thinking – one that deploys left and right brain styles, simultaneously.

If anything were to distinguish Ainan from other composers, it would be in the degree of intelligence and insight he brings to bear on his compositions. He thinks very deeply about his music and considers every aspect carefully. Yet, at the same time, he manages to be very spontaneous in that the music emerges from him quite rapidly. His thoughtfulness is not encumbering. It does not stem the flow of music, as it might for some people. It helps him fashion it, as it comes, shape and form it.

Whether Ainan realizes it or not, he is composing with a musical philosophy in mind – which he has nicely encapsulated in that remark. I record this remark, therefore, as an early statement of his outlook on music, so that it might be available in recorded form, for later attention, when the outcome of his musical explorations is clearer, in years to come.

In the meantime, I shall continue to enjoy his ever flowing music, newly conceived in our home, on a daily basis.

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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