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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Poach the poachers

The Rhino is in danger of extinction, owing to illegal poaching, for its horn, which is believed to have medicinal value, in Chinese medicine. Indeed, so strong is this belief that Rhino horn is now selling at 65,000 USD per kilogram – and all for nothing more than a pile of keratin (found in fingernails everywhere).

Leaving aside the undoubted fact that, in truth there is NO medicinal value to Rhino horn, in any way at all...just a tradition of stupidity surrounding it...I am left startled that scientists assaying the problem of what to do about the illegal Rhino trade have suggested legalizing it. This way, they argue, cheaper, legal Rhino horn can be provided from farms, without killing the animals, and this would somehow, magically, end the illegal trade. Of course, it is likely to just make illegal Rhino harvesting (along with the killing of the Rhinos) easier to pursue, for now it would have no consequences.

Let us examine what a Rhino poacher does when he kills a Rhino. There are just 5,000 Black Rhinos and 20,000 White Rhinos left in the world. So, when a poacher kills a White Rhino he (as the poacher is probably male), he will have killed one twenty thousandth of a species. So, too, if he kills a Black Rhino, he will have killed one five thousandth of a species. Consider what that means for a moment. What would we do to a person who killed one twenty thousandth of the human species? That would be 350,000 people. Or how about someone who killed one five thousandth of the human species...that would be 1,400,000 people. What would we do with such a person?

We would send in special forces to kill them. That is what we would do. So, I wish to suggest that we do the same for anyone who kills such a proportion of an endangered species. We should, quite simply poach the poachers.

I wonder why we don’t do this, automatically. My only answer is that the developed powers just don’t care enough about endangered species to hunt down and kill their killers. We should, however, be doing just that. If someone cares so little about life on this planet, that they are prepared to exterminate a species, they should, themselves, be subject to extermination. That, to me, seems a fair and reasonable – and JUST stand on the issue. A poacher is forever diminishing Nature, by being one of those who drive species to extinction. They should not be tolerated, but should be eliminated.

To my mind it is a simple equation. The life of a cold hearted, even evil, poacher is not worth one twenty thousandth of the lives of another species of higher animal. They should be killed – and killed in such a public way, that it dissuades other would be poachers from poaching.

I would be prepared to believe that a developed nation cares about the future of planet Earth, if it sends its special forces out after poachers, in less developed nations who don’t have the means to deal with it. Let us hear, instead, not the death statistics of yet another endangered species in its death throes – but a daily tally of the number of poachers killed, in the name of saving those species. Were this to be covered in the news, on a regular basis, word would eventually filter through to those inclined to poach that “Poaching is a BAD idea.”

This is the only effective way left to save these species in the wild.

Poach the poachers, to save the world.

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 10:58 PM 


Blogger Red Lamp said...

Hi I am a moderately gifted child age 13 . I have a question how can a gifted child restart his interest in a subject like space.Being a expert at something is hard because of peer pressure like I was a expert in space (somewhat) I was called a geek .Worst thing which could happen is bulling sadly I am bullied almost everyday.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

It is sad that you are bullied for being bright and having an academic interest. Yet, you must not let the bullies you are now doing. What they WANT is for you to give up that which makes you different or special. They want to crush you. So it is your duty to make damn sure they don't. I doubt that you have lost your interest in space. What has happened is that they scared it out of penalizing you for having it. You must IGNORE them...and hold on to your true self. Do not let them change your choices for yourself. Start reading again about space...or any other interest and don't worry at all about what others might think. Then again, you can read in private and never let them know what you are thinking about if you wish. Just don't let them the person you really want to be. If that is an expert on space, then so be it...and never let anyone stop you.

Good luck.

10:24 AM  
Blogger devang singh said...

thanks for your help valentine sadly one of the bullies is mildly gifted funny about a year back i had a depression about a failure so i began to taunt myself everyday .The worst part is that when i began to push my self criticism back the bulling started which only aggravated the situation.Through sheer willpower i killed it off and with motivation from a friend.Your children are interest in space started on my 7th birthday.Sadly i don't have my intrinsic drive like what i had i used to stay up all night learning sometimes.My friend is the only one in my class who understands giftedness he is also mildly gifted

2:00 AM  

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