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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to be unfashionable: be heterosexual.

I had the strangest experience a couple of weeks ago. It occurred on Facebook. Someone had posted a comment on their page, which provoked a conversation that struck me as most bizarre. There were, perhaps, a dozen people contributing to the talk. Its subject was human attraction. Now, this might not strike you as a bizarre subject – but the way everyone responded to it, was most strange. You see, out of the dozen or so people commenting on the post, I was the ONLY one who wrote in defence of heterosexuality. Everyone else wrote comments in support of the “rightness” of people finding the same sex attractive. A few commenters even said that it was natural for “heterosexual” people to find the same sex attractive – and jumped on me when I pointed out that that would be the viewpoint of a bisexual.

The conversation was quite a long one, but eventually I withdrew from commenting any further, because the comments against my viewpoint (that heterosexuality was the natural, biologically determined position, otherwise none of us would be here) and against me, personally, were becoming too aggressive. Not only was I surrounded by a dozen proponents of homosexuality and bisexuality – but they were becoming increasingly aggressive in their comments and attacks. I, on the other hand, remained polite and civil throughout, even when faced with a particular commenter who was being strongly abusive.

I must say, this experience really puzzled me. You see, of the many, many people on my FB and on the FB of those others who commented, there would have been many heterosexuals – in fact, most people on them would, I assume, have been heterosexual. Yet, not ONE of these heterosexuals was brave enough to stand up for the heterosexual viewpoint – I, alone, spoke out in favour of heterosexuality. It should be noted that I did not speak against homosexuality or bisexuality in any way – I only spoke up for heterosexuality as the default position of biology. I only spoke in terms of what biologically made sense. I did not address sociological or sub-cultural issues at all. My antagonists, however, were very abusive, at times, against the heterosexual position and me, in particular. So, not only was I being ambushed by a dozen homosexuals/bisexuals, some of whom claimed to be “straight”, implicitly by claiming that it was normal for heterosexuals to be attracted to the same sex – but I was being attacked, sometimes, quite rudely by these people. My question is: why? Why did these pink proponents feel the need to ambush me – and why did they feel the need to do so, so aggressively, when everything I said was true, uncontroversial, and just basic biology?

It seems to me that two things have happened. Firstly, heterosexuals now feel unable to defend themselves in public, they feel they should be silent collectively, on the issue of their viewpoint on life. Secondly homosexuals and bisexuals, feel so emboldened to speak out, that they forcibly push their viewpoints and way of life, onto everyone else, whenever they get the opportunity. Not only that, but some of them do so in an offensive, rude, aggressive manner. They seem to feel anger at the existence of heterosexuals (without which they would not be), and seem to want to extinguish that way of life. The madness of all of this is that the majority position – heterosexuality – now feels unable to speak up in public. The reason for this is clear. If a heterosexual speaks up for their position, many homosexuals and bisexuals will attack them, accusing them of being “homophobic”. The funny thing is, heterosexuals are usually not homophobic at all, when they speak for themselves, however, homosexuals are very frequently HETEROphobic (my spell checker says such a word does not exist, but it should, because heterophobia is a LOT more common among homosexuals, in my experience, than homophobia is among heterosexuals).

So, what I experienced was a “heterophobic” ambush. I spoke out for the biological reasons behind heterosexuality – and was shouted down by a lot of people whose views were clearly homosexual and bisexual in content, some of them in an offensive manner. It seems that no other heterosexual reading the exchange was brave enough to contribute. This strikes me as dangerous. We are now in a world in which heterosexuality may not be spoken of, in some circles – without being attacked. We are in a world in which homosexuality is fashionable, to the degree that those who are not practising it, or openly evangelizing for it, are to be attacked or rejected. Heterosexuality on the other hand, is unfashionable in some circles. It is almost as if homosexuals and bisexuals think the world would be better off without heterosexuals, at all. They seem to forget how the human race is brought into being with each generation.

Sadly, my experience of being ambushed for speaking out in support of heterosexuality – against those who were criticizing it – was so unpleasant that I might hesitate to do so, again, in future. The hassle is not really worth it. Life is too short to spend it being abused by strangers, for one’s views. So it is, that the homosexual community entrains the heterosexual community to shut up. Everyone they abuse is another person who is likely to keep silent again, in future.

The oddest part about this experience was that the conversation was started by a Malay woman who spoke in favour of homosexuality. This is odd, because homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia. However, it does appear to have a very vocal minority who support it – at least, online. Many of the other commenters appeared to be American.

Now, it should be noted, here, that I have no issues with people choosing their own way of life. They are free to do as they please. However, what I do have an issue with, is when they feel it necessary to abuse those who hold a different view, perhaps even the majority view – as they abused me, for holding a heterosexual viewpoint. To my mind, by being abusive to those who hold a different viewpoint, they invalidate their own right to hold their viewpoint. If they are going to hold a different viewpoint and way of life, they MUST NOT abuse others who hold a different viewpoint. Yet, that is what they were doing. This lost them any sympathy for their viewpoint that I had had before the conversation began. Being abusive to strangers – as they were to me, since none of the commenters, apart from one , was actually a Facebook friend of mine – is never going to do any good for their cause.

This taught me a lesson though. The promotion of homosexual “rights” has gone too far, in some parts of the world. It has gone so far, that heterosexuals are frightened to speak up for themselves. That is completely mad. Homosexuals say they seek “equality” but what they really seem to seek, going by the conversation I had, is total dominance. Already, the situation has become highly unequal. Homosexuals feel free to speak out at any time – whereas heterosexuals are now frightened to speak up for themselves, for they are inevitably accused of “homophobia” when they do – even when they say nothing against homosexuals at all. Well it is time for heterosexuals to start using the word “heterophobia” and “heterophobic” to describe the attacks quite a few homosexuals make on them. It is time for heterosexuals to speak out for their viewpoint and position on life – before it becomes the minority position. Where would the human race be then?

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 4:33 PM 


Blogger Christine said...

I understand. The accepted view of homosexuality these days in the U.S. is that it's completely normal and on-par with heterosexuality.
It has caused some problems because people haven't been accepting the fact that homosexuality really isn't normal. In fact, it really is going against normal biology. Society doesn't want to accept that though, because calling something "not normal" is considered to be an insult. Being realistic shouldn't be viewed that way, yet it is.
These days too, people who are gay or bisexual all claim to have been born that way and that there could be no other explanation for their behavior. I have had trouble believing that because no scientist has ever found a gene for homosexuality. Maybe some people could be born with a tendency towards it, but I do think there could be other factors that contribute. I have been "flamed" on some forums for suggesting that maybe something with upbringing, experiences, or other things could cause homosexual behavior. Of course I was called "ignorant".

Another issue with homosexuality are those homosexuals who choose to become parents. Gay families are becoming increasingly common through fertility treatments including surrogacy, and adoption. One problem I have with it is that the children won't have both a mother and father figure. I do think that gay parents can be good parents. Yet I do think they should try to provide a father or mother figure by having their child spend time with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
Of course, if I mention such a thing I'd be labeled as "ignorant".

2:28 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

As a strategy, homosexuality is not the best one, for preserving one's genes. Biologically, therefore, it is a poor choice, I think.

However, if gay parents are now having children of their own, this has inherent dangers if there should be a homosexual gene or genes. Should these become highly prevalent in the population and should the culture turn against gay parents having children, humanity might face a new cause of population decline. It isn't a good strategy for the survival or health of Man, really.

Then again, children born to such relationships, as you note, might have adjustment problems and might grow up with many unpredictable psychological issues. It could be a harmful scenario. We don't really know. You are not being "ignorant" to be concerned. Those who accuse you are being unimaginative or are in denial about the potential consequences. It is risky.

Thanks for your comment.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Grateful Student said...

Everybody understands that homosexuality is not what nature intends for us as a species. So what? As humans, we rise above the brutality of nature.

The reason why homosexuals are so defensive about such topics is because they live in a society which does not fully accept them. They are discriminated against and have suffered.

I am surprised with your self-proclaimed genius that you fail to understand such basic social sensitivity. It seems more and more that the most intellectually competent people are often emotionally or socially inept.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

You are unintentionally hilarious – a fact which speaks of a lack of intellectual competence in one area at least. You refer to heterosexuality, implicitly, as the “brutality of nature”. Hmm...I wonder what sort of person could refer to heterosexuality and the manner in which they were brought into existence as “brutal”...another closet homosexual perhaps? You really should declare your conflict of interest if so. I have declared mine – heterosexual.

It is you who has not understood the situation, not me. As usual, I find that those who accuse others of such things, are often the ones who fail, to do so, themselves. It is their failure to understand that leads them to believe that the other has not understood.

These gays/bisexuals – all 12 of them – were not being “defensive”...they were being highly OFFENSIVE. They were on the attack. They just would not allow the heterosexual viewpoint to be put across at all. That is not a group that is persecuted – that is the group THAT IS DOING THE PERSECUTING. The situation is now reversed completely. It is the gays who are persecuting heterosexuals, when they get the chance. Just look at modern film and TV shows...every second character is now gay it seems. There is no shortage of public acceptance here. What is happening now though is that homosexuals as a group are becoming too strident in their public discussion of their issues...they are dominating all discussions of sexuality. The balance has tipped the other way. That was my point. You are trying to paint the picture as being the reverse of that. It is not – anymore – it was that perhaps 20 years ago – but not now. This suggests that if you are gay, that you are an older gay, still living out already won battles.

If you don’t understand what is being said – as you do not – perhaps you should pause to reflect more before commenting. By the way, you have just shown something interesting: discrimination against intellectuals. You are discriminatory dear boy. “Giftism” as I call it is just as poisonous as racism and sexism – perhaps more so – and you show it, in your remark. Have you never thought that it is not the intellectuals who are socially inept, but that society is not accepting them – like you?

10:26 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I find your term, "self-proclaimed genius" disgustingly offensive. It implies that one is deluded about one's intellectual abilities. Well, know this: I am not "self-proclaimed" in this respect at all. It is a label I have attracted spontaneously from others over the decades...even at Cambridge University there were those who used to call me that. So, it was the view of others, not mine, that led to this labelling. Perhaps you would do well to know a little more about the lives of your subjects, before describing them. It seems that you are in the habit of making snap judgements on no real information. Is that an act of "genius"? It seems more an act of rashness, even foolishness perhaps.

2:13 PM  
Blogger EbTech said...

Wow, how do you manage to get yourself into such bizzare situations?

I think this was a case of oversensitivity on their part, and perhaps undersensitivity on yours. Homosexuals still do face a lot of abuse in many cultures, so they may be quick to label you as such.

Though we don't understand the biological cause, I find it implausible to think that we can choose to be attracted by a particular gender. Even if we could, homosexuality would be a bad choice as it makes life much harder.

Besides, there's no danger in homosexuality: we're certainly not facing an underpopulation crisis, and natural selection takes care of the rest. Even if a few of them have children, I don't think the children will be that much worse off.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

EbTech, I am not so sure homosexuality is so innocent when it comes to population levels. There are a lot of homosexuals and lesbians in Singapore...and their population levels would be sharply in decline were it not for immigration from mainland China. So, in certain cases it certainly doesn't help matters.

Yes. I would agree they were being overly sensitive...though I am not sure i was under sensitive. I was just being straight with the truth.

You are right about gays having problems in certain cultures. They are officially disapproved of here, in Malaysia...but I have met loads of them, particularly in the film industry. No-one seems to bother them though.

10:42 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

This is a note for "Grateful Student" who has a surprisingly mild online name, considering the abusiveness of what he or she wrote.

I am not publishing your remark, since it is simply too abusive. From the degree of vitriol in your words, I can only assume that you are gay...and very defensive about it...though very offensive in the way you express it.

In most parts of the world, homosexuals have already won all the "rights" they need...developed parts of the world, anyway. However, in public discourse many homosexuals go way beyond seeking just rights. Those, like the ones who ambushed me, seek for everyone else to agree with their world view, too. That is quite ridiculous...and far too much to ask. The world does not have to agree with the homosexual viewpoint, to afford them the space to live as they please. They can just leave them in peace - as they do in many places.

Homosexuals, as you appear to be, who are very aggressive in promoting their world view will tend to turn people off, because what they do is far too extreme to be accepted by others. The ambush I experienced, for simply being a heterosexual voice in a homosexual group is totally unacceptable. I didn't even say anything against homosexuality. I only pointed out things like the fact that most people are not attracted to the same sex and those who were, would be either homosexual or bisexual. My ambushers would have me believe that everyone was naturally attracted to the same sex...which is total nonsense.

Perhaps you are unaware of it, but the extremity of your comments and your use of CAPS, to highlight the most abusive remark, does come across as completely unhinged. Perhaps you are. A more moderate approach to discourse would win you more converts to your viewpoint.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Grateful Student: is there so little to do in Westbrook, Maine, USA, where you are from, that you feel the need to be abusive to strangers on the Internet? I suggest seeking a more positive way to live.

12:07 PM  

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