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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Air: Ainan's first word.

Now, I realize that the word is confusing, but Ainan’s first word was “Air”. This is not the stuff you breathe, but is, in fact, the Malay for water. Now, to an English speaking ear, or at least my ear, it seems to be pronounced “Eye – Ay”, or “Ayer”. I have referred to it variously as either of those terms, in my writings, because, if I referred to it as “Air” EVERYONE who was English, would misunderstand which word was being referred to and would get the pronunciation wrong.

Ainan began saying Air (water) whenever he was thirsty, from just two weeks old. Now, I have been attacked a lot, on the Internet, by often quite dumb people, for revealing this. They don’t believe it. Well, that is their problem since Ainan’s early speech was witnessed by a lot of people – since we have a large family and plenty of friends. Why, on Earth, would a large group of people decide to make something up like that? There is no reason to do so. Ainan spoke from a couple of weeks old, words in context and with meaning. It was clear that the words had the intended meaning because when we met the interpreted need, for instance, by giving him a drink, whenever he said “Air”, he would STOP SAYING THE WORD. This is rather clear proof that the word had the intended meaning.

His second word, at a few weeks old, was “poo”, which he would say whenever his nappy needed changing. He would say it repeatedly, in a long, slow drawn out way, “Poooooooooo!”, many times, until we checked his nappies and found it to be the case that he needed changing. Only then would he stop saying it.

Ainan is the way he is and was the way he was. There is no doubt about his early speech, his early crawling, walking, running, reading, or anything else. It just was. If anyone doubts us, then the problem is in their own mind and doesn’t exist in the real world. In the real world, Ainan is at University, doing sciences, at 11. He started tertiary education at 8. So, how would the conspiracy nuts explain that one? Did that not happen either? Perhaps they should start reading the newspapers more regularly. For me, the doubters seem utterly bonkers, because all the evidence, from a very large number of witnesses, is against them. Yet, they, who have never met Ainan, and know nothing about him, firsthand, think they know better. Such people are the definition of insane, of course.

“MrTrueGenius” pointed my way to a conversation on Youtube, with one of these nutters. This particular nutter “visioninScience”, thinks that Ainan’s first word was not a word because the spelling of “Air” differs from “Ayer”. He or she is too dumb to realize that I was trying to render the pronunciation, somewhat phonetically, in the spelled word, so that an English person would understand how it was said. What is most odd is that this person concedes that “Air” is pronounced “Ayer” in English, but doesn’t even realize that that is what I was trying to convey. Dumb.

I would like to thank MrTrueGenius (YouTube account name) for notifying me of the exchange on Youtube, regarding one of the videos that references Ainan. Personally, I find the ignorant attempts to diminish Ainan, from people who know nothing about him, very tiring. I wonder at their motivation and their reasoning: since they know nothing, how can they presume to pretend to know what they cannot? It is all quite bizarre – but does show that some people prefer their own private doubt-filled fantasies, to multiply verified reality. I am moved to ask, inevitably: what is the nature of a person who prefers private fantasies, to observable reality? Mad. That is be a doubter, now, after so many publicly disclosed achievements by Ainan, is to be nothing more or less than a madman.

Just to make the point clear to all those confused out there. Ainan’s first word was “Air”. To communicate it, at various times, I have used different spellings to convey the sound.

Air = “Ayer” = “Eye-Ay” = Water.

I hope that is understood.


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