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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A world without Winter.

A few days ago, as I readied my sons for bedtime, Fintan, eight, sat up in his bed and fixed his wondering gaze upon me.

“Daddy: have you seen Winter?” He said this season as if it were something magical and strange.

“Yes, Fintan, I have seen Winter.”

His wonder seemed to expand as he gazed on his Daddy, who had seen such a magical thing.

“Has Mummy seen Winter?”, he enquired, further, perhaps doubting whether both of us could have done such a wondrous thing.

“Yes. Mummy has seen Winter.”

“That’s not fair!”, he said, with a small bedtime sized explosion. “I haven’t seen Winter.”

“You will one day, Fintan.”, I assured. He didn’t seem to hear me.

“I want to see a snowflake.”, he revealed, seeming to imagine the snowflake in the half darkness before him, falling from the sky to the bed, before him.

“You will one day, Fintan. I will take you to a country where they have snow.”

He grew quiet at that, his imagination seeming to drift off to snowy lands within his unseen future.

He fell asleep and I left the room, quietly.

None of my children have seen snow. They have lived out their lives near the Equator, where the sun ever shines and the summer never ends. To some, this might seem like a special privilege, to always have the summer to hand – but to Fintan, it seemed like a deprivation, because he had never seen the Winter that he had heard so much about. He wanted a world of seasons, of change, not one of eternal summer stasis.

One day, Fintan, you will see the Winter. I hope it meets your expectations. You might, for instance, be surprised at what a cold day feels like. I look forward to your reaction, on that day.

Sleep well, Fintan. Dream of snowy landscapes, that you will one day, tread on.

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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