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Monday, July 25, 2011

The USA Debt Ceiling and Democracy's failure

There is a lesson in the wrangling between the Democrats and the Republicans, Obama and John Boehner, over how to tackle the USA’s astonishing debt crisis. The lesson is a simple one: democracy doesn’t always work. Now, that might seem a disturbing statement, but the juvenile antics emerging from America, on the debt crisis, do not provide any evidence as to democracy’s effectiveness – and much evidence to the contrary.

Watching the deadlock between the two ideologically opposed foes, of Democrats and Republicans; watching Obama reveal his essential lack of power, as his overtures are rebuffed by House Speaker John Boehner, I am struck by the ineffectiveness of the American system. So much energy, time, and productive effort are being wasted, in the USA, in argument between two sides who will never agree. Is that what democracy was meant to be about?

Democracy works when there is a clear mandate and one side can outvote the other. Only in such circumstances can there be effective leadership. However, in the USA, at present, there does not appear to be this dominance of one power over the other – as the result, we have a deadlock.

Given the stalemate in the USA on such an important issue as the debt ceiling and whether or not the USA defaults on its repayments, I am not convinced that the greatest powers, in the future, will necessarily be democratic ones. Democracy has certain strengths – but, at times like this, it is clear that unity of purpose is not one of them. The USA is showing us, that democracy can be a very weak form of leadership for a country, sad as it is, to say this – or at least, the form of democracy presently in place in the USA.

It does seem, watching the USA’s ongoing financial problems, social problems and political problems that we are in a modern equivalent, of the fall of Rome. It is altogether possible, indeed, seems altogether probable, that the USA will falter, irretrievably, in my own lifetime. If nothing else, it looks like the national debt will soon have the power to bring it down. It is a pity to note it, but the USA’s lauded version of democracy doesn’t seem to be helping much here. I say this, knowing that there are worse alternatives out there, too – however, quite a few of them would be more effective in the present situation.

I hope Obama and Boehner come to a deal soon. The world does not need another financial crisis. However, what it does seem to need, is a rethinking of how a government should work and what form constitutes the most effective and fair form of leadership. Looking at America, I am not convinced that their model is the best possible – there must, surely, be something, even theoretically possible, which can improve on the American mess? I will have to reflect on it.

A note to my readers: I will return to my customary themes of giftedness and the like, shortly but I felt that these recent events should be addressed. Thank you.

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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