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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tiarnan's pithy view of the world.

Tiarnan, five, often speaks in an impassioned voice. His words are focussed with such intensity, that it would be unsurprising to see them condense in the air, before him. This, of course, given his elvish face and charm, gives him a certain appeal and a definite presence. He is, in short, both watchable and memorable. There is also a gravitas to him and his words, which defies his very modest size.

The other day, for reasons of his own and without a clear indicator of whom he was speaking about, he announced, with great seriousness and the utmost passion:

"They talk and they talk - but they only hear what they want to hear."

Was he speaking about his brothers? Was that the source of his frustration? Was he making an observation about a film he had recently watched? Was he talking about adults, in general? What had he been thinking about before he came to this conclusion?

Unfortunately, I wasn't witness to this utterance and so wasn't there to find out what he was really thinking. It does, however, show certain of his characteristics: his tendency to encapsulate the behaviour of others, in a pithy saying - and his intentness of demeanour which makes his words seem of such great importance. I think he is likely, one day, to be quite an orator and quite an actor - he is already showing the basic skills and disposition of one. Not that alone, but he is one who is most likely to write his own speeches and not rely on others' words.

I shall try to capture more of Tiarnan's pithy utterances. It would be good to have a record of them, for him to find amusement - or amazement - in, when he is much older.

As for Tiarnan's exasperated comment: yes, he is right, of course. Many people talk, without listening to others, or hearing that which they don't want to his opinion has some worth.

I don't know, Tiarnan, whom you were referring to...but I listen to you and shall continue to do so. After is fun to hear what you have to say!

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