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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A world of unrealized potential

Have you ever paused to consider how much unrealized potential there is, in the world? Many gifted people never fully express what they are capable of. Indeed, I believe that more of the world’s potential, in human ability, is forever unexpressed, rather than realized. Many people, for a start, never discover their greatest talents: they do not have the opportunity to explore those hidden areas, as they grow up, and never come to understand how gifted they would be, in them, if only they had tried. Others know full well what they are good at, but the nature of the world itself frustrates them, from expressing their skills. Great actors never get to act much, because they lack connections, lack understanding of the industry, or are lost in the vast hordes of others trying to act, too. The same applies to writers, artists, musicians and the like: many are unable to navigate their way to success, through lack of access to the right arenas that would allow them to show what they can do.

Then there are those who have to sideline their core creative talents to make a living, to support themselves and their families. They are thus forced to live frustrated unfulfilled lives, in order just to survive. Often, their talents are never realized.

There are those, too, who have many talents and have to choose which ones to attend to. In such cases, the quantum of unrealized talent may be many times the quantum of realized talent. The only theoretical solution to such a problem would be for people to live extended lives, to allow the time for all talents to be developed and addressed. That, however, is not presently possible, so such multi-talented individuals shall continue to live partially frustrated lives.

Then there are those brought up in poverty, or in countries whose infrastructure is too rudimentary to offer them the opportunities they need to be exposed to what would naturally interest them. It is almost certain that such people will never realize their innate gifts.

The world does not lack talent or potential. However, it does lack the universal access to the tools and setting that would allow those talents to flourish. As a result, most of the world’s talent is never expressed and never leads to any concrete result (I believe). Thus, it is clear, that simply by making the means to express such talents more readily accessible, to more people, would result in a kind of renaissance, throughout the world. By simply allowing more people to become what they could be, we could build a better world for us all.

So, if you can help someone, somewhere, realize the talents within them, then why not do so: every talent that you help flourish, will add, in some way, to the beauty that is human life, human culture and human society.

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