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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The power of word of mouth.

I find myself, quietly astonished, sometimes, at the power of word of mouth. Today, for instance, someone searched for "Ainan Cawley", from Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. Now, I found that rather startling, that someone, from a third world city, of 191,000 people, should know of Ainan. How did they find out about him? What had they heard of him? It struck me as rather unexpected.

Yet, this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. People have arrived on my blog, searching for Ainan or myself, from the most far flung parts of the world - parts which I am sure have never had any media coverage of either of us. Yet, word of us has penetrated those countries and reached cities we will never visit and people we will never meet.

All of this is a strong reminder of just how interconnected the world is. One cannot, now, do anything of note, in one part of the world, no matter how seemingly isolated it might appear to be - without the rest of the world, even in its most distant parts, eventually getting to hear about it. It is a commonplace idea to say that it is a "small world"...but in truth, it is not that the world is small, but that it is highly interconnected. Only a few people and a few conversations lay between any of us, and everyone else in the world. We are not "alone". We are, in fact, all conjoined, as one.

So, welcome readers from Botswana, St. Helena and Cambodia...and all the other unusual places...I don't know how you heard about us...but I know that you have. Happy reading.

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