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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A journey around the world

A few days ago, Syahidah, my wife, gave Fintan, our second son, a geography book. It was a substantial book tabulating geographical data on numerous countries around the world. Now, what use do you think this seven year old boy made of a pile of national data? Have a good think.

Well, Fintan began to study the life expectancy and average income per capita, data. His eyes were very intent upon these numbers as he evaluated them, page after page, listing after listing, country after country.

After a while, he looked up and announced: "Well, I definitely DON'T want to live in the Congo!"

Then he continued until he had read the whole book. Finally, he closed it, firmly and gazed at his mother, decision in his eyes.

"I want to live in Japan." he declared.

She smiled, at his words, fully understanding what he had done and appreciating the wisdom of his intent.

Fintan had scoured the world for the one place where he would live the longest and earn the most. It seems, indeed, that Fintan wants to live long and prosper - and has identified location as one matter relating to success in that field.

This action of Fintan, made me wonder about how he sees life. It seems, from this, that he is looking ahead to what is to come and is, already, though just seven, considering what might be a good strategy for living his life so that it is the best it can be, for him. Not that many young children, in my experience, take such a long term view of life. It is good to see Fintan do so, for that, assuredly, will help him navigate his way to his goals, whatever they may be.

Live long and prosper, indeed, my dear Fintan!

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