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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The new silence in the world.

There is a new silence in my blogging world - and, in a way, it is a good silence. Ever since I implemented the "no anonymity for commenters" policy, there has been a notable reduction in the number of comments. Though this might seem like an unwelcome development, in a way it is not - for it tells me something. It tells me that a significant proportion of commenters do not have the courage to stand by their words and put their name to them. That is fine by me - for I have no wish to converse with someone who has no wish to let me know who they are. How often do we stand for conversations in real life, without some kind of introduction? So, too, should it be on the net: it should be basic courtesy to provide a name and an identification, before beginning a conversation. Now, of course, I have required such an identification it is very interesting to see who and how many people are willing to stand by their own words. Not as many as one would think...

So, I would like to thank those who have the courage and decency to identify themselves before they write comments...that, to me, shows a certain worthy character. As for those who no longer comment: they fall into three camps. Firstly, those whose comments were extremely unpleasant, and for whom identifying themselves could lead to negative consequences in their own lives; secondly, those who feel unable to stand revealed as authors of their words, perhaps because they don't wish to be known for certain opinions, even if they don't fall into the third category - and lastly, those who do not have any form of online ID and either do not know how to get one or do not wish to get one.

Whatever is the case, however, I am much more comfortable corresponding with people willing to let me know who they are. It always seemed strange to me that the net was full of people who wanted to say something, but who didn't want you to know that they were saying it. It seemed, somehow, abusive of the basic laws of human conduct. So, I am pleased, at the change, even though it is quieter on the blog. That quietness signifies an improvement in the QUALITY of discourse, since, now, those who know that they could not possibly leave a clue as to their identities without finding trouble for their words, have ceased to write. That is good.

So here is a thank you to those who remain to comment: it is good to see some who are willing to put a name to their own words. It is a pleasure to read them. Cheers.

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