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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gordon Brown ex-Prime Minister, premium ranter.

Gordon Brown has done it again. He has, with the utmost creativity, invented a pattern of behaviour that would be beyond any normal person. He has launched into a huge - and apparently threatening - rant, against Nick Clegg, whilst ostensibly trying to have a conversation about forming a coalition to co-operate over ruling Britain.

Clearly, Gordon Brown is not quite all there. His action is such a self-defeating, self-destructive one, that one can only assume that he is not really thinking - he is just striking out in uncontrolled rage.

I tried to comment on the Daily Mail article that brought Gordon Brown's rage to my attention - but, as is usual with the Daily Mail, they CENSORED my comment and REFUSED TO PUBLISH IT. I have had this problem with the Daily Mail before. They have never successfully published any letter or comment post, I have tried to make. I find this a little odd, since other newspapers seem to have no problem publishing my comments. Perhaps the Daily Mail lives in a world of its own biases, prejudices and circumscriptions.

Well, here is the comment (roughly) that I tried to publish on the Daily Mail article about Gordon Brown's rant:

"A man who becomes furious, at a time like this, is not in control of himself. How, then, can Gordon Brown control a nation? He should never have been in this position, at all.

I do not envy Nick Clegg his decisions at this time. I only hope that he decides the best for Britain, and not for his party, or self."

Apparently, the Daily Mail thought my sentiments dangerously unprintable - since they didn't print a word of it. I wonder at their curious censorship choices. It seems to me that there is a lot more wrong with Britain than its political system: even its media seem questionable, when a simple, honest, unthreatening view, is not allowed to be printed, at all.

The other time the Daily Mail didn't print what I wrote it was about child development, of all things...yet, again, they didn't see fit to allow it past their censor. How is almost as if they censor, not my words, but my self.

Never mind. The fact remains that Gordon Brown does not have the emotional maturity to be a leader of anything, never mind a nation. It rather shocks me that Britain could ever have allowed a man like him, any power at all. Most countries have better ways to deal with such people.

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