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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Gordon Brown and the meaning of megalomania.

Gordon Brown has written a new definition of megalomania, into the English language. What is it? Well it is: "Gordon Brown.". The man, quite simply, appears to be utterly insane.

I shall explain for those who haven't been following the British election. Gordon Brown was the Prime Minister for Great Britain (you've got to love that "Great"...), until the election on Thursday, 6th May 2010. For most people, Gordon Brown ceased to be Prime Minister upon the results. However, Gordon Brown doesn't see it that way: Gordon Brown thinks he should be Prime Minister DESPITE the results.

What, by the way, were those results? Well, they were the worst shift against labour seen in the last 80 years or so: Labour lost in the region of 100 seats to the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. That the people of Britain do not want a Labour government, any longer, really could not have been clearer - especially since the flawed electoral system is biased AGAINST the Tories (Conservatives) and the Liberal Democrats and makes it much easier to elect a Labour MP than one of any other stripe.

So the people of Britain have made it clear that they want Labour and Gordon Brown out - and what does Gordon Brown do: he sits there, in No.10, refusing to resign, refusing to acknowledge the political reality and offers a deal to the Liberal Democrats to keep himself in power, despite the nation simply not wanting him. In doing so, he shares despotic characteristics with dictators throughout history - people who, customarily, ignored the will of their people to impose their power upon them. So, too, does Gordon Brown wish to. Though I live many thousands of miles away and haven't stepped foot in the UK for years, it is quite clear to me that the man is mad, mad, mad.

Let us look at other evidence of his mental unwellness. Apparently, he has such a violent temper that he quite regularly shocks subordinates (and protection officers) with the venom he is capable of spewing. Should a nation be ruled by a man who inspires fear at his wrath in those who work with him?

I don't think so.

That Gordon Brown would seek to continue to rule, despite an abundantly clear message from the electorate that he should go, indicates a few things very strongly: first, among them, is that he has no respect for democracy. Perhaps this should be no surprise, since Gordon Brown has never been elected anyway: he was chosen by his own party, to replace Tony Blair, but has never, actually, gone through an election in his current position - until now.

Should it be, that Gordon Brown succeeds in thrashing out a deal with the Liberal Democrats and remains in power, then the whole of Britain will be seen in a much lesser light. Britain will become a nation in which a man may rule, simply because he wants to, more than anyone else. It will become a place in which the most aggressive, violent, unhinged person, is "King"...because no-one dares to stand up to him.

Let Britain not become a dictatorship in all but name. Let it be a nation run by an ELECTED leader. Let Gordon Brown step down - or be thrown down. Let democracy prevail and let there be a government that the people have actually chosen.

There is one complication to all this, however. The constitution states that the party presently in power has the first bite at forming a coalition, if it can, to create a government. Might I suggest that the constitution be changed? For it seems to me an unjust document that would leave in power a party that the whole nation has voted out of power.

I worry for Britain. I really do. It seems darkly funny that a nation that once inspired the world to take up democracy, should now be in so undemocratic a situation in which Gordon Brown - a man never elected to Prime Minister, directly by the people - should be seeking to ignore the results of the election and remain in his undeserved position as leader of a (once Great) nation. Perhaps it is time to change Britain's name. Perhaps, henceforth, it should be known as "Once Great Britain". You see, it was Great once - but I don't think it is, anymore. I hope it gets the chance to be great again. That chance begins with allowing the will of the people to prevail. It is time for Gordon Brown to leave the world stage. After all, he should never have been on it in the first place (since the people never chose him).

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 4:26 PM 


Blogger Anthony said...

As Machiavelli asked (and answered) is it better to be feared or loved?

He is simply doing what his party mandates him to do, which is try to hold onto power and control of GB.

As for the results, while they were a swing towards the Tories (and a large one at that) it was still not enough to give them the balance of power without a coalition. So the message from the electorate was unclear.

As for Democracy...GB is not a democracy it is a Constitutional Monarchy (that shares some characteristics with a Democracy) but until such time as the electoral laws are changed I think Brown is doing what any other leader would do in his place, try to hang onto power within the letter of the law.

Because with law there can be no spirit, there is no justice, there is no right, there is just the law.

Personally if I was Cleg, I would demand the Prime Ministerhip and the majority of the cabinet positions in return for my support. That way GB gets a new PM no matter what, and the system really is shown as being flawed.

Better yet, lets just tear up the constitution and the Magna Carta and let the Queen rule :-) haha

5:20 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Anthony, I disagree that the view of the electorate is unclear. You are not taking into account the biases in the system. I read in a recent article that it takes approximately 28,000 votes to elect a Labour MP...but about 43,000 (approx figures) to elect a Tory MP - because of differences in distribution of votes. Thus, it can be seen that had the system been level (each vote worth the same value) that Labour would barely have won any seats at all. They would have lost everything to the Tories.

Gordon Brown is not respecting the wishes of the electorate - therefore he has no place being in power in a democratic country of any kind at all. He should go.

Now, I say this with no real personal direct interest in the UK...because I left in 1999...but I don't want to see any kind of undemocratic power take hold and that is precisely what Gordon Brown is trying to engineer.

I shall post on Clegg's situation shortly.

Thanks for your comment.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I disagree that any leader would do as Brown is trying to do. I think those who had any integrity or respect for the democratic process would step aside, at once, on such a result. Gordon Brown has neither quality, it is quite clear.

6:02 PM  

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