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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Is Tiger Woods the world's most stupid sportsman?

I had to ask. You see Tiger Woods may be (may have been?) great at golf, but that does not seem to correlate with intelligence or common sense, in any way at all. Tiger Woods is proof that it is possible to be greatly talented, in some very narrow field, but utterly stupid, in general. Judging by Tiger Woods' behaviour over the past few years, one can only conclude that he is a rather dim character, in every truly important sense.

Let me explain myself. We have all heard that Tiger Woods was unfaithful to his wife. There are no surprises there, since many influential and powerful (and not so influential and powerful) men are. So, that wasn't so surprising. However, what did surprise me, as the pictures of his "mistresses" came out, was that in each and every single case, they were INFERIOR to his wife. Elin Nordegren (I won't call her Woods, since she probably no longer wishes to be associated with him), is a far better looking woman than ANY of his mistresses, that we have had the chance to see. So, there is somewhat of a mystery why he would betray her, for others who were of a lesser breed than she is. Yet, perhaps he is a man who values sheer quantity over quality. There is much indication of that for, not only were these "mistresses" not as good looking as his wife, but many of them seem to be rather inferior in the lifestyle and personality department, too. Many of them, you see, were PORN STARS, and STRIPPERS. Now, I don't know about you, but when I read that, I began to be somewhat disturbed by Tiger's choices. You see, there is something about porn stars and strippers that usually has, even not very bright men, a little worried: AIDS.

Tiger Woods could turn out to be a most prolific serial killer. I say this because it now turns out that he has, supposedly, listed the names of 120 women that he says he had "affairs" with, in the last 5 years, during which time he was married to Elin. Consider that number. 120 women, WHOSE NAMES HE CAN RECALL, in a five year period. To me that means something else: there are probably many more women out there, in the same five year period, WHOSE NAMES HE CANNOT RECALL. How many women has he simply had a one off encounter with and been unable to recall their names...perhaps because he never knew them in the first place? It is very, very likely that this 120 tally is an UNDERESTIMATE of the actual number of women he has had in the past five years.

Even if, however, this tally is accurate, (it is not, though, since he left off his next door neighbour, student Raychel Coudriet), Tiger Woods is certain to have brought great harm to his wife, and potentially his children. I say "certain" because Tiger Woods did something which PROVES him to be a very stupid man, indeed. He NEVER used protection with these women. He exposed himself (and his wife and family) to STDs with each and every encounter.

Given his tendency to unprotected, high volume, random encounters, with highly promiscuous women (they are almost all of the type who sleep around, sometimes professionally), one can only conclude that Tiger Woods is certain to have acquired many STDs. Furthermore, given that there are over one million people in the US living with HIV, one even has to express concern that Tiger may have contracted HIV and passed it on to Elin and possibly his children. What must be remembered in assessing Tiger's likely risk is that not only did he have unprotected encounters with at least 120 women, in the last five years - but that most of these women were themselves highly promiscuous - so his indirect encounters with others will probably run into tens of thousands (factoring in those his encounters encountered).

I am not, however, concerned about Tiger Woods. His actions lead one to feel no sympathy for him, at all. My concern is for Elin, his family - and even some of the women he had, in that time. After all, not all of them would have been as promiscuous as the porn stars. Some may even have thought that they were his "only" mistress. In a worst case scenario, Tiger Woods may have contracted HIV and, in turn, infected many, many women - some as young as his 21 year old next door neighbour, Raychel Coudriet.

I feel sad for Elin. She is, after all, a very beautiful, fine featured woman. I know nothing more about her, than that - but it is enough to know that she could have chosen to be with a very wide range of men. Many men would have been delighted to have been chosen by her. Yet, she ended up choosing a man who clearly did not return her love, her care, her support. She ended up with a man, who made a mockery of her, on a daily basis, and put her at risk of fatal infection. I rather think she deserves better - everyone does.

If Tiger Woods wishes to live a highly promiscuous, high risk taking lifestyle (or is that deathstyle?) then, he should not be a married man. He should be single and he should make it clear to all he encounters that they are taking a hefty risk, in their encounter with him. Luckily, however, the press have done the work of informing the world, that Tiger is a risky bet. There cannot be a woman in America that does not know, now, that Tiger Woods goes in for "mistresses" by the 100.

Elin should go back to Sweden and rebuild her life there. Tiger deserves to be alone with his multitude of mistresses. I say "alone" because ultimately, such superficial dalliances make for a lonely life.

I only hope that Tiger has not permanently marred Elin's life and that of her children, by making her HIV positive. She certainly doesn't deserve that. Then again, should Tiger be HIV positive, I hope the world gets to hear about it, so that he doesn't continue to transmit it, to any foolish starstruck girl he encounters. That is one service the press can do the world: make the world's women safe from Tiger Woods.

So, what is the future for Tiger? I rather think that it will not be to his liking, as he gets older. No "good" woman will touch him now. Only whores will accept Tiger for what he is. No woman worth being with, is going to accept that her husband will have unprotected encounters with hundreds of women, placing her at mortal risk and making a joke of their relationship. Thus, the only people, now, who would choose to be with Tiger are the very whores he has been consorting with. Yet, would he want to be with one of them? You see, they will behave towards him, as he has towards them. They, too, will have hundreds of lovers. They too will be unprotected. It seems to me, therefore, that the most likely future for Tiger Woods, is a lifetime of superficial encounters, followed by HIV, AIDS and an unpleasant death. Not only that, but he will be alone, in his final days, since no-one worth having around, will form a permanent relationship with one who behaves like him.

In a way, this is very ironic. You see, Tiger Woods clearly has a compulsive need for others - but, ultimately, this need may have created a situation in which others will not WANT to be with him. Thus, the one with a compulsive need for company, may end up alone (apart from hookers, of course).

Tiger Woods cannot be very bright. There was another sportsman who behaved just like him: Magic Johnson - and we all know what happened to him. He caught HIV from his random encounters. So, too, will Tiger Woods, if he has not already done so. It is inevitable, if such a lifestyle is chosen. So, Tiger Woods would have heard of Magic Johnson's life outcome - yet STILL he behaved in the same way.

Maybe Tiger Woods is like a tiger in more ways than one. Tigers aren't that bright either.

An odd thought occurs to me. It is possible that Tiger Woods' exploits in the bedroom may come to overshadow his ENTIRE CAREER. It is possible that, in decades to come, Tiger Woods may be better known for his abundant and random appetites, than for his golf. Rather bizarrely, Tiger Woods may have done something to outshine his supposedly greatest talent.

So there you are: Tiger Woods, 21st Century Philanderer (and serial killer?)...who used to play a little golf.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 11:25 AM 


Blogger Anthony said...

While I understand that you feel the need to write of the HIV risk associated with such behaviour the fact that you automatically assume Elin is better than the other women based solely on her looks is not a stance I would have expected from you. Nor would I have expected the blatant stereotype perpetuation for those who work in the sex industry.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said... you really have any knowledge or experience of what you write, Anthony? No. I didn't think so.

Let me explain a few things to you. Firstly, the press would have dug up any dirt on Elin, if there was any to dig up, LONG AGO. Were it so, that she, too, was highly promiscuous, we would have heard about it. My point about Elin was that she was BETTER LOOKING than the other women. That is all. I did go on to say - if you actually read my post, which you have haven't - that I know nothing more about her than that.

Elin is better looking than the other women. Anyone can see that (features finer, better proportioned etc.). So, from a physical point of view, she is superior. She has also chosen to be with him, and bear his children: have his multitudinous women made that commitment? Nope.

Re. Sex industry. Have you ever met anyone in that industry? Well, I used to be an actor and, as such, got to meet all sorts: many actresses (often very promiscuous, some sleeping with most of their fellow actors, on productions), models (very promiscuous with high hiv rates) the NON-sex industry part of entertainment. I did know a girl who posed for nude photos in magazines, when she was younger. She went onto to be a student, who had the reputation of sleeping with different guys, EVERY DAY OF HER UNIVERSITY CAREER. So, it is not just based on stereotypes, at all...but based on personal knowledge of the choices people drawn to such activities take.

If you think HIV rates are not higher among porn stars and strippers than the general population, then you must be rather naive about the sort of social environment such men and women live in. (If you doubt me, there is a list of porn stars with AIDS on wikipedia).

Tiger Woods' behaviour is either stupid or mad. Take your pick.

1:32 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Re. inferior in terms of lifestyle and personality.

Most people, Anthony, though clearly not you, would prefer to be with someone who chooses to build a single relationship with them, rather than work as a porn star/stripper. Clearly, the first choice shows more commitment than the other two.

I think you will find that it is very hard for most people to build a trusting relationship, if the other party is a sex worker, of any kind. This makes sense, since the relationship is quintessentially compromised each and every day.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

"have haven't" = haven't.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

And you follow this up with personal attacks as to my experiences, which remain completely unknown to you and then you pass an assuming judgment as to the type of relationship I desire.

But back to what you wrote, rather than trying to get personally defensive, or simply offensive.

You wrote, just to show that I did actually read your post, "...what did surprise me, as the pictures of his "mistresses" came out, was that in each and every single case, they were INFERIOR to his wife.", you followed this with, " a far better looking woman than ANY of his mistresses." You then follow this up with, "So, there is somewhat of a mystery why he would betray her, for others who were of a lesser breed than she is."

I am sorry if my "experience" is not of a level enough to determine exactly what you are saying, but it looks pretty clearly that you are making a judgment that Elin's quality is directly attributed to her being better looking. The fact that you refer to the other women as "lesser breed" and "inferior" cannot be read as anything but judgment, and it goes far beyond just commenting on their looks, labeling someone a "of a lesser breed"??? Do you really believe that some people are "lesser" and that some people are therefore worth "more" than others?

I would argue that the fact the press has not found any dirt on her does not mean there isn't anything, it would be more a reflection of her "market value" in the media, and the fact that as evidence of Tiger's transgressions came out any attempt to even demonstrate a less than "shiny" Elin would have resulted in a media backlash. But failure to report on something is not evidence of it's lack of presence. I would have thought your experience with journalists would have given you plenty of reasons to accept nothing the media tells us unless looked upon with very skeptical eyes.

Is he an idiot or mad?

Probably a little of both, but truthfully as long as he keeps hitting that little white ball well, in time nobody will care who he fucks least of all the media, the sponsors, and even the public.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Hi Anthony,

The evidence of your lack of relevant informative experiences, lies in your conclusions that I was “stereotyping”. Not so. In fact, I was drawing on information about such people, drawn from my days as an actor: I had plenty chance to observe some of the shadier people around. (Had you much experience of such people, you would only be forced to agree that there is quite a bit of truth to the “stereotypes”, with many of them, in that industry, being highly promiscuous within and without their “careers”).

By assuming that I am “stereotyping”, it is you who is making assumptions about my experience, knowledge and understandings.

I think I have been misunderstood. I wasn’t referring to your personal choices with regards to being with a porn star or stripper – I was referring to your apparent expressed BELIEFS about whether such relationships and people conformed to stereotypical views of their suitability. I was not suggesting you would choose a porn star as a partner.

Re. lesser breed.

Again, I was referring PURELY to her appearance. I know nothing more about her. It is self-evident that her physical appearance is aesthetically more refined than the “mistresses”. Thus, in that limited sense, she is of a “greater breed”. If you don’t think that one can compare people, quality for quality and determine, with relation to those qualities, that particular people are superior to others, then you seem to have swallowed the doctrine that “everyone is the same”. This is not true. We all differ. There are people who are naturally better endowed than others, in particular respects, some in many, or even all respects. Would you deny that Leonardo Da Vinci was superior to the typical person in the street, in Singapore, where you are from? If you do deny that he was superior, on what basis do you do so? Most people would disagree with you if you think that Leonardo Da Vinci was just like everybody else. The fact is, that compared to his contemporaries, from contemporary accounts, he was stronger, better looking, more creative and more intelligent than almost any men, in all respects. As a package, overall, he had no comparison. We can even see that today in his extant works. We don’t need the commentaries of the day, to see that this was so. I would say that Leonardo Da Vinci was of a greater breed, that is GENETICALLY SUPERIOR, to almost every human in history. The evidence lies in the man’s works and life. If, however, you think that he was just like everybody else then why, for instance, is not Singapore overflowing with Da Vincis? Surely, if he had no genetic advantage, his powers would be replicable by anyone and we would be in a filled with great geniuses? However, we are not. Thus, the evidence of history, is strongly against you, and strongly for me, that some people are genetically superior to others. Were this not so, then their abilities would be easily replicable by others…and we know that this is just not so.

Back to Elin. In the limited sense of physical appearance, she is superior to her rivals for Tiger’s affections. That is evident to anyone who has an aesthetic eye. Thus, in that limited sense, she is a greater breed than they are. (In this case, limited to quality of physical appearance). Some of the mistresses, on the other hand, may be her superiors in intelligence etc. We don’t know.

Re. lack of reports of Elin’s ill doing.

Again, I think if there was anything to report, it would have been reported long ago – you see, her media value is tied up in Tiger’s media value. Were there any hidden stories, about her, they would have come out now, because there would be media value in embarrassing Tiger, through her.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Then again, one has to consider that Tiger’s “people” would have besmirched her, to distract attention from Tiger, were it possible to do so. They haven’t, so it most probably isn’t possible to do so.

Re. journalists.

Yes. We have had poor experiences with the Singaporean media. They have told quite a few lies, calculated to make the government of Singapore look better at our expense. But then, what can one expect from a paranoid police state? We are not happy about the media, there, in many ways…but we have kind of got used to: it is what we expect from them, now. Hopefully, like you advise, people are discerning enough to see through the crap or at least realize that the crap is there.

Lastly, I hope I haven’t offended you Anthony. I don’t mean to do so, I just mean to challenge your views on areas where my own experience is in conflict with them.

Thanks for your comments.

By the way, Lee Kuan Yew believes in lesser and greater breeds. He is famous for his eugenic policies of the past…

4:40 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Word missing:

"We would be in a WORLD filled with great geniuses"

4:43 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I think that he is foolish to be messing around with other women when he has a woman that is willing to stay with him and be a good wife and mother. I do hope his wife is free from STDs. I do think that his family is better off without him. He is also no good example to his children.
Another reason why I don't think he is so bright is that brilliant people prefer romantic relationships with other brilliant people. Having a fling is another thing, yet those who have mistresses often go for someone else that is educated. I haven't known anyone with a master's degree or PhD who dated someone who was a high school dropout.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Yes. People usually go for others on a similar level to themselves, intellectually and physically. However, Tiger seems to have a thing about "dirty" women. I think he actually prefers sluts, to those who might be "good" to him. There are suggestions, in his text messages and contact with his mistresses, that he likes the idea of them being with other men. He likes his tarts, well, tarty.

So, perhaps he has been pursuing a fetish of some kind.

Another issue, Christine: have you seen any of his text exchanges with his mistresses? The ones I have seen are very banal, immature and rather like the output of a sex obsessed teenager, who can't stop thinking about one thing. They also seem to reveal someone who is far from being bright.

Perhaps porn stars, strippers and bar girls are Tiger's level, in more ways than just lifestyle. Take away his skill at golf - and there doesn't seem to be much to recommend him, from what has recently been revealed.

Yes. Elin was willing to stay with him and build a family. Will anyone be willing to do that ever again?

10:35 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

I haven't read his text messages to the other women. I haven't followed his story closely. I am not surprised they would be so immature.
I do think that good partners are hard to come by. So many good people also are used like Elin was used. I think that's why there are so many divorces, so many people don't want to commit or they marry someone who doesn't want to commit. It just leads to more broken homes.

4:07 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I hadn't followed the story closely either...I just researched it for this post.

Tiger's situation goes beyond a lack of commitment. There seems to be something compulsive or pathological about his behaviour. It is also potentially highly self-destructive.

Well, Tiger's family is just about to become another broken home, from what I understand.

Take care.

11:34 AM  

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