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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A strange case of serendipity.

Sometimes life seems stranger than one understands.

A few days ago, someone I had not heard from in five years emailed me. We used to meet regularly but parted ways and just stopped meeting one day. Five long years passed and I never saw him once in all that time. I wrote back to reestablish contact and asked him how he had been and so on.

Then, two days later, I went to the East of Singapore to visit a new born child...a cousin to my boys. Upon leaving and going home, and passing through the MRT, a familiar face smiled at me.

"Hello Valentine!". It was the partner of the friend I had not seen for five years. Standing beside her was my old friend.

How odd. He had only just written to me two days before - and now I was meeting him by chance at an MRT station I never normally visited.

The meeting was a brief reintroduction flavoured by a mutual astonishment that we should meet by chance shortly after emailing.

Given this kind of occurrence, it is easy to think how some people might come to believe in "magical" explanations for things...but I prefer a more grounded term: serendipity - for was not the happy chance that we should meet so shortly after expressing a wish to, serendipitous? Yet, boy, did it feel strange.

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