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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The philosopher of the wind.

Tiarnan is just two, but he already asks the most interesting of questions. It seems that beneath his curly head of hair, there is to be found a natural philosopher, if a young one.

Two days ago, Tiarnan asked of his mummy and daddy, "What is the wind? I cannot see the wind."

"Can anyone see the wind?", I asked him.

"No." He said, sure of his own observations.

We were so intrigued by his question that neither of us actually gave him an answer - we were just busy being amazed that he had asked it.

I find it interesting to see Tiarnan begin to question the natural world and think on its nature. This was something that Ainan used to do, when very young. I see the two boys as different but having certain common threads running through their personalities. Perhaps Tiarnan, too, will be interested in science when the time comes - though I feel he has a liking for Art, too. Perhaps he will pursue them both (and music too...for he likes to tinkle with the piano, or anything that is musical).

At Tiarnan's age, all is possible. It is interesting, as a parent, to watch him discover himself and come to understand what he likes and what he might like to do. For now, I see him as multiplicitous and open. I can only guess what he might be like in a few years time - but the question above gives me a clue that among all his concerns, there is going to be a lot of thinking going on, too.

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Hi Mr Cawley,

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Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Hi Miao, I use Sitemeter...found at It gives good stats for free - and incomplete IP addresses. For complete IPs, you have to subscribe but it is not expensive. It allows you to analyze the visitors in many different and helpful ways - by country, by the page they come in on, the page they leave by, what their "out click" is...their location, how long they stay, and so on. I like it.

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