The boy who knew too much: a child prodigy

This is the true story of scientific child prodigy, and former baby genius, Ainan Celeste Cawley, written by his father. It is the true story, too, of his gifted brothers and of all the Cawley family. I write also of child prodigy and genius in general: what it is, and how it is so often neglected in the modern world. As a society, we so often fail those we should most hope to see succeed: our gifted children and the gifted adults they become. Site Copyright: Valentine Cawley, 2006 +

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome visitors from Finland

I note an upsurge of visitors from Finland. Welcome.

There are over 450 posts on this site - so please take your time and look around. There is everything here you could ever want to know about giftedness, genius, child prodigy and educational matters relating to them - seen through the eyes of one family.

Thank you for taking an interest in my site.

By the way: has someone in Finland written an article about Ainan? If so, please let me know.



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