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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vikingdom: the reviews which aren't.

Vikingdom is a film by KRU studios of Malaysia, starring Dominic Purcell in the lead role of Eirick, a Viking warrior on a quest to, basically, save the world from the tyranny of Thor (who appears to have gone somewhat mad).

Vikingdom should, by all accounts, be an enjoyable film. Indeed, I played a role in it, as Warick, a Viking Warrior who volunteers to join Eirick’s quest. Warick is a man who has not made his name, in life and sees the quest as a means to do so. How that turns out, I will let you find out, by watching it. My character accompanies Eirick throughout the entire quest, to the end of the film, so it is quite a good supporting role, in terms of “screen time”.

What I witnessed on the filming of Vikingdom leads me to believe that it should turn out to be a pretty good film, by Malaysian standards. I cannot say how polished the final product will be, by international standards, however, because I have not seen the final cut – in fact, I have not even seen a rough cut. The thing is: no-one has seen these things, to date. Not even the director, Yusry Abdul Halim (a.k.a. Yusry Kru), will have seen it, because the film is not yet finished – there is much post-production work still to do, including music, and CGI and, perhaps, some editing work.

Given that Vikingdom has not been seen by anyone, I found it very curious indeed, to stumble on a site on the Internet, a bit like IMDB, but not IMDB, that had a listing for Vikingdom, there. Guess what? There were 25 votes/reviews of Vikingdom on this site. That is right, 25 people, who could not have seen the film, have voted on its merits. I was a bit stunned by that. What was even more telling is that all these reviews/votes were bad ones. Yet, what I had seen in the making of it, did not justify such low votes at all. It was immediately very clear what was happening: enemies of KRU Studios were voting down the film even before it had been released, or any footage had been shown. People who had issues with KRU Studios were taking it out on Vikingdom by attempting to spoil its filmic reputation even before it had been completed, never mind released.

A lot of people put a lot of work into Vikingdom. It does seem unfair that some people who have fallen out with KRU Studios (and there are certainly such people around, for I know of several) should attempt to smear the efforts of those who have worked hard to make Vikingdom the best film they can make.

Then again, the film review site should not allow reviews or votes on a film, before that film has been released. Such votes are meaningless since they cannot be genuine responses to a film that no-one, not even the director, has seen in its final state.

I hope you go to see Vikingdom when it comes out. The film is expected to be released internationally. It is a Viking saga based on an ancient poem, the Necklace of the Brisings, I believe. It stars Dominic Purcell (Prison Break), Natassia Malthe (Bloodrayne), Craig Fairbrass (Eastenders), Conan Stevens (The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Spartacus), Jon Foo (Tekken) and many others, including someone called Valentine Cawley, in a decent supporting role.

From what I have seen of the film, during its making, this 3D film promises to be go along and take your kids! As for was fun to make, so it should be fun to watch. When you do get a chance to see it, let me know your thoughts on it, below. Thanks. It should be out sometime in 2013...when it has actually been finished!

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 11:37 AM 


Blogger Shocker916 said...

Have you heard about Shouryya ray and his astounding achievement? he has supposedly solved a problem posed by newton over 300 years ago.
I was wondering if you could maybe write a blog post seeing is he is certainly prodigious and this is very relevant :).
Thank you!

9:17 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I shall look into his achievement and write something if I feel able to add something to coverage. Thank you.

1:00 PM  

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