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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ainan Celeste Cawley, web star.

I have noticed something odd about the use of Ainan’s name on the Internet. Some websites use his name to generate traffic for their sites, even if their articles have nothing to do with Ainan Celeste Cawley. One such site is The Asian Parent, a Singaporean parenting magazine. Ainan Cawley’s name appears as the first terms on the Google summary of their web pages – yet their articles are not about Ainan at all. Ainan’s name is being used to lure people to the site. I find this a little unsettling. It is, at the very least dishonest – but more than that, it is using Ainan’s fame, such as it is, for their own benefit, without asking his permission, or giving him anything in return. It is also, incidentally, fooling the people who come to the site, by suggesting that the articles they are about to read, are about Ainan Cawley – when, in fact, they are not. This might damage Ainan by associating their disappointment and feeling of being cheated, with Ainan Cawley himself, rather than the website that is making use of his name in this way.

Other sites have also used his name, but The Asian Parent is the one I see most often, since it frequently comes up in searches related to Ainan. This use of Ainan’s name is very cynical in my view.

On the other hand, the fact that sites would stoop to using Ainan’s name as a lure on their sites, does indicate something: that Ainan Celeste Cawley attracts a lot of traffic. He is, if you like, a “web star” or “Internet star” of some kind. I noticed this on my blog, too. Many of the searches search for him by name – some just using “Ainan”...others using more of his name. But then again, my blog is about him, so it is fair that a large number of searches for him, should arrive on it. What is not fair, is these parasitic sites, using his name simply to capture traffic when they are not about him at all. That is unfair on the web searcher and unfair on Ainan Cawley, too.

There is something else damaging about this practice. It obscures the relevance of sites and pages which are really about Ainan. The distractor/parasitic sites, take traffic away from pages which would really answer their questions. So, this practice reduces the value of the Internet, especially if practiced too much.

If you have arrived on this page on a search for Ainan Celeste Cawley, be assured that this site has much to offer about him. It is the “real thing” happy browsing. If, in the past, you have happened upon a site claiming falsely to be about him, I am sorry – but I have no control over that. You will just have to learn which ones to ignore.

I suppose this misuse of his name is inevitable as he grows more well-known. People realize that his name is a draw – and they think they can use his name, for free, to bring visitors to their sites. This is a pity, since the practice has the potential to ruin the usefulness of the Internet. If you note another site doing this, please let me know. Perhaps I could start writing to them and asking them not to do so. You never know, they might actually listen.

Look around and enjoy my blog. Thank you.

Posted by Valentine Cawley

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