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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Celtic and the English civilization.

Recent events in the UK, have given me pause to reflect on one very obvious issue. Almost every media organ referred to the riots as “UK riots”...yet, it is most clear when one looks at the list of locations of the riots – which were many, incidentally – that this was NOT a British problem – but an English one. An unavoidable conclusion comes to me: English civilization has declined in relation to Celtic civilization and now, at this time, the Celts (that is the Irish, the Scots and the Welsh) are most definitely more civilized than the English. The further question that this prompts me to ask is: was this always so?

The Irish, as an example of the Celts, are noted for their friendliness and ease of conversation. The English are traditionally noted for aloofness, to a degree and reluctance to engage with strangers (at least, a certain class of Englishmen). Could it be that the disengaged English are not working together to create an inclusive civilization, whereas the friendly Irish etc are being more inclusive and more, thereby, civilizing?

It is funny, in a way – darkly funny – for you see the English, that is a certain class of English, have long looked down on the Irish – they think of themselves as “superior” to the Irish. This is, of course, an English delusion since the Irish are among the most creative and intelligent people I know (that is I can produce specific examples of creativity and intelligence from among the Irish population). On the other hand, England has spent the last few generations breeding a new class of people, for whom “intelligence” is an unspellable word (yes, my computer suspects that to be a neologism, but never mind). This new class of Englishman is, perhaps, more violent, more resentful, more ungrateful, more parasitic and more criminal than any other similar group in any country I care to think of. They are the New Englishman. Now, it seems to me, that if England does not confront the implications of the existence of this large group of largely unemployable individuals, that England faces ruin in the long term: these people have the power to bring down that once great nation. You see, one big problem is that this group appears quite fertile: they are having lots of kids. There are many accounts of great fecundity among them. Yet, what kind of children are they having? Generally speaking, they are in the mould of their parents: low IQ, unskilled, uneducated, and, it seems, quite often, violent. Does England really want to be over-run by hordes of low IQ youngsters, who think that burglary is a respectable profession and mugging is an enjoyable hobby?

The problem the English now face, is made particularly difficult by the nature of the English State. There are particular obvious solutions to this problem which would be politically impossible. For instance, any significant reduction in benefits for this “underclass” would result in said underclass, numbering in the millions, voting out the existing government and replacing it with any party who promised to reinstate their benefits. Yet, it cannot be doubted that the benefit system, as is, has paid for the creation of this underclass. Unless difficult decisions are made and implemented and unless the various parties can agree, together, to maintain these changes, this underclass will only grow and grow until it becomes a dominant force in England. At that time, England, as we think we know it, would be at an end. The nation that would be in its place, would be a very ugly one indeed. The recent riots would be as nothing compared to the chronic condition of such a nation.

I hope that England’s present leaders, find the strength to face up to this problem and address it intelligently, even if their approach causes short term pain, as long as it ameliorates the situation, in the long term. Until then, however, it seems safe to say that Celtic civilization is more civilized than the English have now become.

Disclosure: I am Irish – but that doesn’t change the validity of what I have observed.

Posted by Valentine Cawley.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 12:39 AM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice observation, it certainly is factual and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to come this conclusion.

The Irish monks taught the anglo-saxon english how to read and write. Thats says it all. Also note that Ireland has the highest prevalence of high iq society, Mensa, than any other nation.

Forget not that The Irish founded the northern most country of britain, Scotland, and that the Stewart royal dynasty foundned the union of Great Britain and had the first monarch of the United Kingdom. King James of the Stewarts proclaimed in a letter that he was "A happie monarch sprung of the fergus race"(alluding to fergus Mór of Ireland who brought the ancient Irish inauguaration stone to Scotland, which now rests at westminster as the royal coronation stone of the UK).

The romans referred to an Irishman as Scotus. Scotland, Land of the Irishmen.

Scotland administered/ran the british empire and are the cream of the crop in terms of innovation and inventors wise. Says it all. As the old saying goes "The british empire, twas won by the Irish, ran by the Scots and lost by the english.

Peasants! Subordinate peasants at the feet of Irish hero's! Wouldn't you agree, fair maiden of Éireann?

9:27 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Of course, I would agree.

The brightest, most creative people are personally know, are of Irish blood, partially or wholly. Then again, some of those most consumed by self love that I am aware of, are English. How interesting that is. I think that a certain class of Englishmen have been entrained for centuries to think of themselves as above others - but that this is, in fact, not so, if their natures are impartially examined. However, many an unassuming Irish person, may have interesting talents that nevertheless do not lead them to lord it above others. It would seem to be a cultural difference.

Were it not for the diligent work of the Irish monks, the history of Europe would look altogether different. In fact, we might still be in the Dark Ages.

Thanks for your wise words, Ajax.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

By the way, do you have any references to the Mensa/Irish IQ fact?

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, bearing an innate superiority complex, haughtiness and arrogance is a disadvantage. One study I saw showed that students who rated themselves highly competent and brilliant at maths scored lower on tests than those who considered themselves more modestly or even average. The latter really excelled.

The english conceived the bloodsport of football hooliganism, the butchery of concentration camps and other base, animalistic, inhumane practices.

I actually live in england, i've payed witness to their most abhorrent traits. Give them a few drinks and they can be really repugnant.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thanks for the link, Ajax. I shall highlight this observation on my blog.

The England you speak of, is one I have left behind. I was aware of a certain disintegration and decline of society in the time I was there...but that has definitely hastened since I left in 1999. England now is becoming a place for which the only adjectives are unpleasant ones. All one has to do is go out on the streets and watch the people on a Friday night, after the pubs close...ugly...and sad, given the history of what England once achieved (but no more).

One point worth making is that many the English claim as their own, for their greatness and their gifts, turn out to be Irish, if one takes a closer look at them. That is funny.

8:52 PM  

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