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Saturday, October 09, 2010

The most important people in the world.

Ainan, 10, is a boy with his own particular world view. It is a view formed, partially, out of his naturally unique perspective on it.

A couple of days ago, I was talking to him about a particular newspaper that shall remain nameless, lest they be offended.

I mentioned: "A typical reader of this newspaper is a multimillionaire."

He looked distinctly unimpressed, as if the term meant nothing to him at all.

"But they are not important.", he observed, as if I had spoken of something very trivial indeed.

"They have influence...", I pointed out.

"Yes, they have influence", he conceded it and signalled that the concession meant nothing, "but they use that influence to make things better for themselves - so they are not important."

Ah. He saw the rich as selfish and self-interested, and not as benevolent nurturers of society. Of course, of the two images, the first is much truer to the world...

"Who is important then?", I enquired without provocative challenge.

He looked up at me, then, his eyes all serious, perhaps to teach his father a little about the world, as he saw it.

"Presidents...", he began, a choice of person which surprised me. Perhaps I let my surprise show a little, for he continued, a little more emphatically, "Who bring in good laws."

So, Ainan thought it important to improve society for all, it seemed. This is a clue, to my mind, for what he, himself, might choose to do: something which might better the many, over the few.

"Who else?"

The word was not long in coming: "Researchers...", he declared, as if nothing could be more obvious, "Scientists", he clarified, for there are many types of researcher in the world.

So, he saw two types of people as important: those who created a better world, in which to live - and those who created something for the world (which may have the same effect). So, what he values in people, is that they should be seeking to create a better world.

I find this exchange hopeful for how Ainan might choose to live his life. I feel, now, on hearing this, that he will choose something with a postive effect on the world. I think he will deliberately seek out work and projects that change things for the better. At least, that is the underlying philosophy that he is now espousing.

Will Ainan one day be a President, too? Will that be one way he seeks to change the world for the better? If so, of which country would he be President? By birth, he can seek the citizenship of three he has choices, in that department.

Perhaps Ainan will become what Einstein chose not to be: a scientist who becomes a political figure in middle and old age. Perhaps he will contribute both creatively to the world, and to society, too. I only wonder this because of the two types of people that he has identified as important: the scientist and the political leader - will he one day be both?

We shall see. In the meantime, it is heartening that Ainan is approaching the world with a strong set of internal values about what is important and what is not; who is worthy and who isn't.

I find myself agreeing with him - and that can't be a bad thing. It must be remembered, of course, that I have never discussed this before with him and the views he has expressed are his own and his own alone. I would never distort his expressed self or interpose myself between him and the world: I want him to show himself as he is, truly and clearly - for only then can he fully become, in the world, what he should be.

I look forward to the day that Ainan becomes what he is destined, by inner forces, to be. I have to wonder, though, quite what that will be, since his values embody more than one choice. For now, however, he is a scientist and becoming more so everyday. I wait, in anticipatory patience.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 1:45 PM 


Blogger i said...

Wise and important words from Ainan. Thanks for sharing them. :)

10:26 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you, i, indeed they are wise words. If all the world thought as Ainan did, our priorities would be rather different and, probably, more beneficial to the people in this world.

12:30 PM  

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