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Friday, October 08, 2010

Pregnant white women and the muggers of Malaysia.

I have observed that pregnant white women are much in demand among the muggers of Malaysia. We don't know that many people, really, but two of our friends, who happen to be pregnant white women, have been mugged in Malaysia. Interestingly, I can't recall any of our non pregnant, or non white women, in our acquaintance, being mugged.

The first incident happened some months ago, when a pregnant Irish woman, was walking down a street in Kuala Lumpur with her handbag slung over her shoulder. Suddenly, she was thrown to the ground, when a passing motorcyclist grabbed her bag and dragged her along the ground. She held onto it, bravely, but was dragged quite a few metres, before her attacker gave up. She was quite a few months pregnant at the time and was left with scraped flesh all down one side of her body.

The second incident happened in the Gardens shopping centre - a very chic shopping mall - in Kuala Lumpur. This was not a violent incident, indeed, the victim, a Russian white woman, did not even know it had happened until later. Basically, someone pick pocketed all the cash from her bag. She is heavily and obviously pregnant - late stages.

To my mind, these incidents show an incredible degree of callousness. The women concerned are both pregnant and visibly so. One was targeted in a manner which has been known to kill victims (they are dragged to their deaths). The other was robbed of all her money. What on Earth could lead their attackers to think that this was a reasonable thing to do? Where has their humanity gone?

The question here, is: are Malaysia's muggers specifically singling out pregnant women as victims because they are likely to be less mobile and less able to fight back? Or are they targetting white women because they believe them to be rich (not always true)? If the former, then I can only say this: much more needs to be done to stamp out these vile criminals. I feel that too little is being done to control them.

Why is this type of crime so common in Malaysia? Aren't the criminals very easy to identify? (They tend to ride why not just stop ALL young men on motorbikes and investigate them for signs of criminality.)

When a pregnant woman, traditionally regarded as worthy of much heightened care and attention by societies all around the world, becomes victim to snatch thieves, who endanger her life and the life of her unborn, then assuredly, that is the mark of a society perilously close to barbarism.

I do not know what the punishment for snatch thieves is, in Malaysia - but whatever it is, it needs to be harshened, considerably. Also, there should be random checks of all young men who ride motorbikes. Should there be any signs that they are engaged in criminal activities, they should receive long, mandatory jail sentences, without delay.

It is at times like this that the merits of Syariah law seem to have some appeal. It is very difficult, after all, to pursue a career as a snatch thief, if you have no hands. Also riding a motorbike is a little tricky, too. Whatever one might think of ancient Islamic law, I feel it would have done a better job, with the muggers of Malaysia, than modern law enforcement is doing, presently. The response of the police is simply not effective.

I recall one case, here, in Malaysia, in which a crowd who saw a snatch thief at work, caught up with him - and beat him to death. I don't believe that anyone was charged. However, the case does show the degree of public anger towards snatch thieves who have, quite frequently, killed or maimed their victims. The authorities in Malaysia should listen to that public anger and crack down on these obscene young men, who think that a pregnant white woman is a reasonable choice of victim. How horrible.

Consider this, too: many a woman has lost a child, through miscarriage, owing to a sudden shock. Thus, in snatching a pregnant woman's bag, they put the life of the child at risk, even if the woman comes to no harm (unlikely as our friend could attest).

In short, the attackers of our pregnant friend, should be charged not with theft, or attempted theft - but with attempted murder, on two counts - for their actions imperil the lives of those they attack. If the standard charge for snatch theft was raised to attempted murder, to reflect the risks to their victims, perhaps this crime would abate.

My advice to any pregnant woman on the streets of Malaysia is not to carry a bag at all. Then you won't be a victim. This seems to be a sad necessity given the proportion of our friends who have been mugged in this fashion.

Be safe, everyone.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 9:01 AM 


Blogger Casandra Ramirez said...

In my country (Argentina) there was a case like that that got everyone's attention. The pregnant woman was shot and the baby died. She was in a very delicate condition and doctors didn't know if she was going to live. She recovered a bit eventually, but she didn't know her baby had died. Perhaps, had she been told of that earlier, she would have simply chose not to fight for her life anymore.
Recently, there was going to be a lineup so the young woman could identify her killer, but "accidentally" (I put this in quotes because I don't believe it at all) the robber burned his face with hot water and now he looks different.
Those cases are getting more frequent here and people are demanding for more serious convictions. But most of the delinquents are minors and they are sent home to their parents who can't control them.
It's really sad to see what the world is turning into. Not all people are bad but we don't get to hear about the good ones on the news.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Hi is a long time since you have written.

It is shocking that someone would shoot a pregnant woman. The minimum punishment for such a crime, should be the death penalty. I can think of other punishments, too, that are much worse than death. To prevent such crimes, the punishments need to be truly fearsome, so that no-one would ever wish such a punishment on themselves.

Re. sending minors home. I am not sure that is what should be done with them. They should be held in very spartan unpleasant conditions, until they are adults - and then punished some more until they truly understand what they have done. If they don't get the message, they should not be allowed into the world again. Criminal justice systems are FAR too lenient on criminals - which is why there is so much crime.

Take care of yourself in Argentina.

3:14 PM  
Blogger CW said...

I think the problem is not that the criminal justice system is not severe enough or do not do the justice, the problem is, it is not been carried out, period. It is very sad to say this, but as a Malaysian I know the government is corrupted, and what is the law enforcement unit to us the citizens? To me, they are like the licensed robbers. Yes they do stop motorists from time to time to check them (I being a female had been stopped and "checked" and asked all kind of questions). But the check is more like, checking whether you have your license or IC with you or whether your vehicle's tax had been paid or renewed. If they found a fault(such as you forgot your IC at home), you were threaten to be brought back to the police station. They would not stop the "harassment" or simply give you a ticket, because they want to be bribed. I know not all of them are corrupted, but sadly I have seen and heard too many of them. How can a crime be put to stop when the laws aren't enforced?? How will they listen to the public anger when it seems like they care more about their wealth than justice or their duty?
As a Christian I believe justice will be served in the end, but for now, we'll just have to protect ourselves and our own family. I can only advise you to do the same to your family. Take care.

5:01 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you CW for your perspective on the situation.

If it is so, that the police are taking bribes, instead of enforcing laws, then one solution is to have a body that investigates the police themselves, looking for evidence of bribe taking (ie. a better lifestyle than they could possibly maintain legally on their salary). However, I somehow doubt the political will to implement such a system. It would, though, be a solution.

It seems to me, shortsighted not to enforce the law. You see, lawlessness is one reason why people leave a country or others fail to come - and it is usually the best people who are mobile in this way. They are destroying the potential of the nation, by not maintaining sufficient law and order.

Thanks for your well wishes and advice.

2:15 PM  

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