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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Why my computer works.

My computer works just fine...but it didn't for a long time. The reason it works, now, is ten years old and apt to make perceptive comments.

Two months ago, or so, Ainan remarked: "Do you know why your computer keeps crashing?" It did: several times a just switched off.

"It is overheating, probably because of the weather, here." After all, we lived near the equator.

"If you open up your computer, and look inside, you will find that a lot of dust has collected on the heat sink and motherboard. This is insulating the cpu and causing it to overheat."

Now, neither of us had seen inside the computer, so this was just Ainan having a good guess at what might be happening. So, I opened up the computer...and yep: there it was...loads and loads of dust piled up around the components.

Quietly, I brushed it off. When I finished, I switched the computer back on.

Guess what? It hasn't crashed since.

Thanks Ainan. That's what sons are for - being more tech savvy than their parents.

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