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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The centre of the Universe.

I have observed that the centre of the Universe is four years old and quite short. His name is Tiarnan.

A couple of days ago, we were at the beach. This is quite easy to arrange given that Malaysia has an abundance of good beaches. Anyway, Tiarnan was playing twixt sand and sea when he ran forward, eagerly to his mother, clutching an empty green tea bottle.

"The sea gave it to me." he said, delightedly.

I felt at once the sweetness of his expression, that he should think the sea would personally give him anything at all. I understood, then, once more, what it was to be so young. At that age, the Universe has but one true centre - the self - and all the world is arranged just for us. So, it was, for Tiarnan, that day, that the sea reached out to him and gave him an empty bottle of green tea. How sweet.

It is funny and sad to think that as people grow up, they come to think of themselves as further and further from the centre of the Universe, until, eventually, many people see themselves as little inconsequential nothings, at the periphery of the Universe. Yet, it is not so. In a way, we are always the centre of our own personal universes, just like we were, as young children - even if the world teaches us that the centre is not as important as it once was.

I think it better, in a way, to think like a child. For the child values their position in the world, much more than many adults learn to. So, be the centre of your own universe and think, indeed, that the very sea would care enough about you, to give you something. Thinking such, makes the whole world seem rather more friendly - and what, precisely, could ever be wrong with that?

Of course, Tiarnan, the sea thinks of you all the time. Just as I do.

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Blogger delightfully said...

The way that you explained the importance of childhood innocence makes so much sense to me. The ability of happy people to be aware of their own importance as a kind-of center of the universe verses children and adults alike who have lost their "center of the universe/ innocence/ importance". I have tried too hard to make my children aware of others around them, when I should have been making them happy in themselves. The awakening I encouraged I believe is too stressful/ depressing. No one should drift off into the universe feeling unimportant and just another body.
Have you read the original Peter Pan book, or the biography of the author? Very interesting.

10:24 AM  

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