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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tiarnan's on Father's Day.

This morning, my youngest son, Tiarnan, four, and his mother were having a little chat about what to do for Father's Day.

Syahidah looked into Tiarnan's engaging eyes and asked: "Would you like to go and see a film with Daddy? What film would you like to see?"

"That's lame, mummy.", Tiarnan began, disappointed somewhat in her suggestion.

Syahidah was rather surprised at this.

"It's Daddy's day. Daddy should see a film for Daddy, not for me."

Her surprise changed into something even more surprising: she was impressed. Tiarnan had actually stepped out of his own world, into Daddy's and seen that, to Daddy, a film Tiarnan might choose, might not be ideal. He was trying to view the world from his father's perspective, and deciding that his mummy's proposal just wouldn't be what Daddy really wanted.

I was touched, too, when I heard this tale retold. You see, in a way, Tiarnan gave me a special gift, when he turned down his mother's idea. He showed me that he understood Daddy's world. He told me that he was able to put aside his own needs and desires and try to work out what mine might be. I thought his response curiously mature for such a little boy.

Thank you, Tiarnan, for your insight - and for caring about what Daddy might really want. That made my Father's Day, in an unexpected way. Thanks, too, to Ainan, Fintan and Syahidah, for a heartwarming day.

Happy Father's Day, all.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 11:03 PM 


Blogger Christine said...

I always forget about Father's Day because my father left just nine days before I turned two. Your children are lucky to have a father who wants to be a father to them.
That's great that your son wanted to think of you. That's so sweet.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I am sorry, Christine, to hear about your father's departure. Personally, I think he missed the point of life. Being a mother or a father is the most important thing anyone can do, in many ways. Those who don't understand this, don't understand life.

Yes, it was good that Tiarnan thought of me, rather than just himself. Most kids his age, can't make that leap (as you might know if you spend much time around little kids). They are usually preoccupied with what they want, at the expense of others. So, yes, it was a special moment to see him think like that.

I hope all is well for you in Korea. Are you still leaving?

9:16 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

I found another job in Korea.
I am going to look into studying at Yonsei University or Seoul National University. I want to visit the campuses this week. My students are having final exams soon so I will have some time to see them.
I finally did meet my father when I was 21. I met him because some relatives from his side worked at the college I attended. They told me he would be visiting them, and so I finally met up with him. Yet after that he kept in contact with my sister and I for a few months and stopped. I didn't expect much.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I hope your new job is more congenial than the last...

What would you be studying?

As for your father: I am sorry to hear that he is so unengaged with his daughters. I have no idea why someone wouldn't want to know their own offspring. Perhaps there are reasons in his own life I am unaware of.

I hope you enjoy the course...whichever you choose to do.

Good luck.

11:37 PM  

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