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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The tale of the exploding shoes.

Sometimes, ordinary things are very humbling. At the weekend, for instance, I went jogging with my wife, for the first time in years. It showed...but not in the way you might expect.

As we were leaving to go for a run, I had the problem of what shoes to wear. I reached for a pair of walking boots, but my wife stopped me: "Why not put on your running shoes?"

Running shoes? Did I even HAVE any?

It had been years since I had run, deliberately. So long had it been that I was unsure whether the running shoes that waited in my cupboard were even mine. I said so, too, to Syahidah.

"Try them on." she said, in true Cinderella fashion: if they fit, they must be mine.

I tried them. They fit...but tightly, at the toes, as if I had gotten slightly bigger since I last wore them - which is possible if another kind of growth is considered.

At first, we walked fast. This, I found, was quite acceptable. We walked for perhaps five to ten minutes. Then, however, we began to run. My whole body rebelled somewhat at the exertion, wishing instead, to continue to walk. I felt years of inertia burden me.

Yet, I looked sidelong at my sprightly wife and tried to keep up. She clearly found it a very easy thing to do.

We jogged for some minutes before I signalled that we were to resume walking. It seemed fair, at first, to alternate the two. Some minutes later, we began to jog again. The intention was to carry this on until we completed the loop, through leafy territory and found our way home again.

After some minutes, I heard a slapping sound. Looking down I noted that the sole to my running shoe was coming away on my right foot. I told Syahidah about it. "We will have to walk then", she said.

I was somewhat thankful for my shoe's failure and dropped to a walk. It didn't help much, however...since the shoes proceeded to decline gradually, thereafter.

Once we reached a park, Syahidah urged me to jog again - and I did, on the grass for a few minutes. My shoes, however, were having none of it: both soles were now coming away fully halfway down the shoe.

"We will walk home." she promised, to some relief in me.

All the way home, I made this clacking noise, as if I wore high heeled shoes. It was most amusing. Since I was beside Syahidah, perhaps people thought it was she who made the noise.

At home, I showed my boys the disintegrated shoes, and told them: "I was trying to keep up with mummy! She is a crazy runner!"

They scolded her for endangering their father so. I allowed myself a little smile at their concern.

Syahidah never explained that it was the age of the shoes and not the youth of my competition that destroyed them. It was better to watch their amazement at what running after mummy could do to a pair of shoes.

No doubt, when they grow up, they will remember the Day Daddy's Shoes Exploded.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 1:55 PM 


Anonymous ks said...

That was an enjoyable read. At first, I imagined that they were aging air-inflated soles and was expecting to hear about them getting deflated.

I think you'd find it much easier to start running or jogging in a less humid climate. So, bravo! for trying to take up this activity again.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I am glad you enjoyed it, KS.

Yes, most sporting activities are easier in a European climate...but I am here and have no choice!

Kind regards

10:56 AM  

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