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Monday, April 20, 2009

How to save money Chinese style.

Today, I bought a toy for my son, Tiarnan, three. It is a Power Ranger toy. Now, there is nothing unusual about that...but there was something unusual about the packaging. The toy and the package were in two different worlds.

I shall explain. On the toy box, it said that the "Power Rangers, Dinothunder" set contained: "Magnifying glass, Retractable measuring tape, Compass, Archaeologist's shovel, Tweezers". Imagine my surprise, therefore, when I found that what it actually contained was a mask, a sword, a badge and an action figurine!

What has happened here appears to be one of two things: either the factory packaging it, in China, had no-one who could read English and they simply packed them into the boxes they had been given, without regard to whether it was appropriate - or the factory was saving money, by using excess packaging for another product, for a different product.

I thought it most bizarre. It is the first time I can recall that the packaging on an item was clearly meant for a different item. It is telling, perhaps, that this should come from a product that says: "Made in China", on the box. Perhaps only in a country with such a reputation for quality, such as China has, could a product actually end up in an irrelevant box.

I intend to keep the box, for the sheer oddity of it.

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Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Moby, your comment is too impertinent to post.

You believe that I have nothing positive to say about Singapore or Asia. This is not so. However, your view does reveal that Yale has taught you little about how to research a subject carefully.

I have written more than a few positive posts on Singapore and Asia (as well as the critical ones that you only seem able to read).

Here, for instance, is a positive one on Singapore:

There are many others, which you would find if you actually took the time to read my blog's 1080 posts or so. You seem to have come to your view after reading relatively little of this blog.

If you read further, you would also have noted my oft expressed views regarding the United States. I have made it most clear that I think it is not a country to live in, and that Asia is preferable, to the US, for many reasons, not least of which is the absurd level of gun crime tolerated in that society.

You are very quick to jump to conclusions about me and my blog...yet accuse me of inadequate support for my own conclusions. Had you actually taken the time to look into my conclusions, on any issue, you would discover that I tend to be right. You, however, have just proven yourself to be wrong.

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