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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phil Spector, Barack Obama supporter and murderer.

Today, I saw the oddest of photos. In it, Phil Spector, fabled music producer and now murderer, wore a very smart suit, a red tie and a badge that said: 'Barack Obama Rocks'. He had presumably been photographed recently, while dressed up for a court or other public appearance.

I was struck by the incongruity of it all: a man up on murder charges, expressing his support for Barack Obama. Now, that the verdict has come in, it is a man convicted of murder, expressing his support for Barack Obama. Sometimes, even politicians, could do without the support of some people. However, being supported by someone is not a voluntary act and President Obama can't choose who he is supported by and not supported by. Most politicians, in fact, choose to be supported by anyone with a pulse...but in the case of Phil Spector, I think this is a mistaken approach.

In case you haven't been reading the news, lately, Phil Spector, who pioneered the 'wall of sound', through working with the Ronettes and went on to work with the Beatles and the Ramones, has a nasty personal habit. Apparently, according to the prosecution, he has a liking for pointing loaded revolvers at women, which have some, but not all, chambers empty and pulling the trigger. He is on record for having done this six times. (Note that a revolver usually has a capacity of six rounds). On the first five occasions, he managed only to frighten the women concerned, for the chamber was empty. On the sixth occasion, the prosecution contended, the chamber was full and Phil Spector, who had placed the gun in the mouth of Lana Clarkson (in the prosecution's view), killed the 40 year old nightclub hostess that he had met only hours before.

Now, on learning of this, I was struck by the madness of it all. Phil Spector is an immensely rich, successful and, until now, respected music producer. He had everything in the world one could wish for. Yet, there was in him a sadism so profound that he thought it reasonable to terrify young women with imminent death, on a regular basis. The contrast between his successful outer persona, and the demonic man within could not be greater.

Furthermore, I was struck by the stupidity of playing Russian roulette with the lives of so many women. It is stupid because the odds are not good. It was certain that he would kill someone if he continued playing this game, with woman after woman - which he did. Indeed, it is difficult to conceive of how anyone could be so demonstrably stupid as to play Russian roulette at all - yet still be mentally capable of running a successful career as a music producer. One could conclude that music producers don't need to be very bright, after all - or that he was either a deluded man, who thought that he would never be so 'unlucky' as to kill one of the women - or that he was, in fact, a murderous personality who rather hoped that he did kill one of the women. The choices aren't good.

One thing is for sure. After becoming a famous man, Phil Spector will be remembered not for his musical work, but for being one of the most callous murderers that has come to light in years. He shall now be remembered perhaps for much longer than he would have been - but whereas he once had fame, he now has infamy - and one that may endure far longer than he would hope.

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