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Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Valentine Cawley", Stoned Tales, Stoned Poems.

Now, I have a doppelganger, it seems. There is, in this wide world, someone else ostensibly with the name, "Valentine Cawley". I find this somewhat irritating, I must confess, since this other someone is writing poems under the name Valentine Cawley.

I would like it made clear, here, that these poems are not mine. I didn't write them - and I don't know the one who did, though he bears my name.

The poems that I didn't write are to be found here:

Please don't think that they are mine.

I used to write poems, yes...when I was in my twenties. My own poems are very different from these ones. I prefer my own ones. They have more rhythm, they are smoother, the ideas are denser, yet fluid - at least, that is how I would describe them now. They each expressed something of myself.

Whatever you might think of the poems of this other "Valentine Cawley" - if that be his real name, I would like it known that they are not mine. This is important because otherwise confusion would be created as to my identity. Each poem embodies something of its author - and the fragments of personhood to be found in those poems, are not mine - they belong to someone else.

When I first read his poems, I thought they were very bad. He has since added another which seems rather better in some ways. It has a couple of interesting ideas. Now, that I look at them again, I can see some creativity in them - just a different sort to my own. I still prefer my poems, however. By comparison, I feel that his poems give a poor impression of my writing skills.

So, please realize that I have a doppelganger out there and if you come across something which doesn't fit the persona you believe me to have, that may be because it isn't by me, but by another of the same name (whether or not that name is really his, or not).

Incidentally, the site manager of Stoned Tales/Stoned Poems has been written to, twice, on the matter of whether or not Valentine Cawley, the "poet" is using his real name. No answer has been received, despite the fact that the first letter was sent about three months ago.

According to "Valentine Cawley"'s friend, he drinks a lot. I don't drink at all. So that is one way to decide which is which and who is who. Another is the fact that, according to his friend, this doppelganger smokes a lot - and I don't smoke at all. He also supposedly does a lot of drugs - which again, I don't do at all. So, no, I am not a heavy drinker, smoker and drug addict - I go near none of the three habits. So, again, don't confuse me, with him.

I am a different Valentine Cawley: a sober one, with three kids and a lot of responsibility. However, I do write books and have written poems. I also create in other ways. So, there is room for confusion, I suppose.

I hope the differences are now clear.


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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 1:50 PM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I couldn't find any reference to "Valentine Cawley" on the site, so perhaps he has removed the name. Under "About the author" it says Will B Rogers. Even if it said Valentine Cawley there, I would immediately recognise that it wasn't you because of the style of writing.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you for letting me know, Maria...perhaps he has responded to my letter regarding whether or not that was "Valentine Cawley"'s real name by removing the name.

I shall now take a look.


Furthermore, it is good to realise that my style of writing is recognizable and distinct from his.

7:10 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

I have just checked, Maria...I still see my name next to the titles of the poems in question. The poems are My Waitress, Roll Up and Stoned Trip.

I will have to wait and see if "Will B. Rogers" replies to my mails.


7:14 PM  

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