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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiarnan's sensitivity to motion.

It is funny, sometimes, what abilities children reveal. Tiarnan, two, has one particular one that makes me laugh.

When my wife and I go out and about, with Tiarnan, we quite often bring a pram, because we would rather not have to carry Tiarnan, when he gets tired. So, we place him in the pram. He always demands that his mummy push him - which she always begins to do. Thus, he settles down, in the pram, face to the front as we push him along.

After a while, though, his mother tends to get tired of pushing and urges me to take over, with a silent hand gesture towards the pram. I duly do so.

However, this is where it gets funny. After a very short while of being pushed by me, Tiarnan will always turn around with the words: "Mummy push!" on his lips. Without being able to see that it is not his mother pushing, he is able to tell, by the style of motion, that it is not her, but me, that does so.

We have tried, on many occasions, to swap who pushes the pram - but it never works. He is always able to spot that it is me, and not his mother, who pushes him.

I didn't know it, but Tiarnan's ability to distinguish us, as pram pushers, shows that we have discernible styles of how we use the pram. What a funny boy.

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