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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The right thing to do.

Sometimes the right thing to do, is the last thing that is likely to be done - especially in some parts of the world.

I will explain. In October, across the breadth of Singapore, residential customers of Singapore Power were levied with a 21% increase in electricity charges, on the justification that "the forward price of oil has an upward trend". This, of course, was despite the fact that the price of oil had already started to fall rapidly and promised to fall a great deal more - which it subsequently has. Slothfully, and finally recognizing the situation, the-powers-that-be, have stated that electricity rates are to return "probably the level they were before October". In other words they will drop by the margin by which they rose.

That might seem fine...but hang on a minute. What price SHOULD electricity be? We have been told, most clearly, that the price of electricity, in Singapore, is linked closely to the price of crude oil (after all that was the justification for raising the price in the first place), thus, should not the price of electricity reflect the new price of oil? The last time I checked, today, oil was at 58 dollars a barrel - a price in the range of the early part of 2005. Thus electricity tariffs in Singapore should be reduced to what they were in early 2005: that would be a true reflection of the situation. Reducing the tariff to the rate of just before October 2008 doesn't truly reflect the situation with oil, now.

There is another matter. Since it is clear that there was no REAL justification for the electricity price rise (it was a phantom based on incorrect data), shouldn't there be a refund for all domestic customers of the amount they were over-charged? That, in these recessionary times, would be the right thing to do. Like I said, above, I expect that it is the last thing that is likely to happen.

However, I will check my power bill, in January, on the offchance that someone up above, has decided to do the right thing, after all.

Try this link for information on previous oil prices:


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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 6:03 PM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are pretty clueless ... our power plants run on natural gas.

Just as GST hike is to help the poor ... so is the hike in electricity charges!

Its fortunate that Ainan has inherited Mrs Cawley's IQ.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

On the contrary, the idiocy is all yours. It seems that you specialize in a peculiar blend of ignorance and arrogance – which doesn’t bode well for your job at UBS, Singapore (more of that later).

I am well aware of how electricity is made in Singapore. However, it is you, once more, who is ignorant. You see electricity prices in Singapore are NOT pegged to natural gas prices, but are pegged to OIL prices. Please see the link below in reference:

Anyone able to read a newspaper should know this. You, at UBS, have yet to master basic literacy, it seems. Indeed, it is rather worrying that a person whose JOB it is to be financially informed hasn’t the first clue about the finances of electricity generation in Singapore. It is even more worrying, that you are arrogant in your ignorance and assume that others, WHO ARE RIGHT, are in fact, wrong and go on to insult them. This is technically known as stupidity – which you have demonstrated in abundance, by your sneering remark.

Furthermore, electricity in Singapore is of mixed origin – not just natural gas. As this paper (see link below) from the US embassy in 2004 states, natural gas was responsible for 60% of electricity generation, then. Oil is a secondary source for electricity in Singapore.

If I were your employer, I would be concerned to learn that you spend office hours surfing the internet to find people to insult. Your IP address begins with 147.60.1.…

In my life, I have often observed that stupid people are unable to recognize true intelligence in others – probably because they don’t know what intelligence is. You exemplify this phenomenon perfectly. As for your remark regarding Iqs, the evidence of your own words, and clear ignorance, indicates that my iq is considerably higher than yours. Indeed, I wonder how on earth you got your job at UBS when you are so woefully ignorant. No doubt, the tendency to hire stupid people, on the part of banks, is a partial explanation of the world financial crisis we find ourselves in.

10:51 AM  

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