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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The toddler and the baby

How do toddlers see little babies? Tiarnan's reaction gives some insight.

On the 27th July, Tiarnan was visiting some friends with us. There was a newborn baby in the house (it was for a baby shower). Tiarnan was very taken by this baby. He peered into the cot, looking down on the resting baby.

He looked up at his mother, then and asked if Tiarnan could hold the baby. His mother picked up the baby, gently in answer and brought her over to the bed.

"Sit down." she said to Tiarnan, as she pointed at the edge of the bed. He did so. Then she placed the baby in his outstretched arms, continuing to hold it, herself.

Tiarnan wrapped his arms around the baby very carefully. There was a tenderness in him that was sweet to witness. He looked so pleased just to hold the baby in his arms. He looked down at her, with fascination in his eyes. It was almost, in a way, like witnessing a father holding his baby, such reverence was in his face. It seems that Tiarnan is a good daddy in the making!

It was interesting to note the care with which he approached the baby. Everything he did around her was gentle and careful in the extreme. His movements were slow and careful and he was careful not to squeeze her more than necessary to hold onto her. It was clear that he understood how delicate such a young baby is. It was endearing to watch him take care of her so - for, in our eyes, he is not, of course, much older himself, at just two. Yet, there he was, the Littlest "Daddy" in the world - or so it seemed in an emotional sense, with the sense of caring that he clearly embodied.

I look forward to the day that I am a grandfather and Tiarnan is a daddy. I fully expect to recognize his attitude towards his children from these early moments of Tiarnan the toddler, with a newborn baby.

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