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Monday, December 20, 2010

A very odd prime number

Yesterday, Ainan recounted to me a conversation he had had with Fintan, seven.

“I asked him: “What is an odd prime number?””

Fintan, answered at once. “23”.

“No,” said Ainan,”2. It is odd because it is even.”

I can only imagine what I would think would be Ainan’s style of announcement: a triumphant utterance, pleased to have surprised, by something unexpected.

Ainan, in other description of the story, rephrased it as: “2 is an odd prime number, because it is even.”

Now, I think this is quintessential Ainan type thinking. He has a liking for that which stands out, is distinctive, or unusual in any way. 2 fits this ideal, because it is the only prime number that is even. It, is, in fact, the only prime number which could ever be even – because any other even number would, obviously, be always divisible by two, making it not prime, after all.

I have an inkling that thinking about the odd or atypical, will characterize Ainan’s life work. He is very likely to devote himself to that which is exceptional, that which appears to flout rules: for that is his natural bent, to be drawn towards that which does not conform to expectation. There is, I think, much potential in such ways of thinking. We shall see what he makes of it.

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