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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The mystery of the blog haters.

There are people who love my blog and there are people who hate it. The mystery of this is that BOTH the ones who love it and the ones who hate it, persist in reading it. I would have thought that only the blog lovers would remain - but no, in some ways, some haters are among my more dedicated readers. It is quite bizarre.

There are people who make it clear, elsewhere on the Internet, that they hate what I write...yet they go on to refer to several particular posts, spaced across the span of years. Clearly, these blog haters are, in fact, readers of my blog. I puzzle that this is so: if they dislike what I write - why do they continue to read? It seems that they only do so, because they love to hate: to them, it is a delight to have something to hate. So, they read, to fuel their own hate and give themselves something to complain about on Internet forums.

However, I have noticed something about these haters. They tend to MAKE THINGS UP. They write extremely inflammatory comments on forums, filled with lies. They say, that I have said something I never, in fact, said. They say that my children have done or said things, they never in fact, said or did. They refer to incidents, that are supposed to have happened, as if they were present, when, in fact, no such incidents ever occurred. It seems very clear what is going on here. It is not enough for these haters to hate: they have to try to make others hate, too. So, given that reality does not supply them with good material to engender such hate, they stoop to inventing things, that sound hateful and that are likely, if believed, to create dislike or a negative image. It is all rather distasteful.

Sometimes, these haters link to my blog, after commenting on it, as if expecting the whole world to agree with them. Well, the funny thing is, if people actually read the blog they will find that the haters' hate, is not really justified by the contents of the blog. This blog is no more than a simple account of what we have lived through these past four years. It is nothing more than that. There is and cannot be, anything to hate in the truth - and that is all that I tell, here. If someone has a problem with truth, then, in some way, they are a liar, in their hearts ...or a hater, who needs lies to justify their hate.

This blog is, for some people a beautiful thing. I get people writing to tell me so. They see in it what is less common these days that it should be: a father who is actively involved with his children, trying his best to help them be their best. Too many fathers, these days, are too preoccupied with themselves to give due attention to their children. Some people like that, about this blog...others, however, seem to hate it.

I am trying to bring up my children as best as I can. I am trying to create opportunities for them to become fulfilled. If that is something "hateful" then I really, really worry about the sanity of those who hate what I write. Perhaps that, in fact, is the answer: perhaps my haters are simply mad.

There is, however, something the haters should be aware of: those who love my blog seem to far outnumber those who hate it. There are, therefore, in my estimation, more sane people than insane ones. That is good. There are also more people who appreciate a father trying to do his best for his children - than those who see something wrong in it.

There is one notable type of hater, that I would like to address: this is the type who seems to be personally offended by Ainan's gifts. They seem to wish to bring him down or diminish him, or convince themselves and others that he is less than he is - simply, it seems, because he exceeds their own children in some way. Why, I wonder, do they do this? What Ainan does and is, does not change their own children in any way: so why does it irk them? Their children are their children and mine are shouldn't really bother them either way - certainly not enough for them to trail across the world's Internet forums posting hate mail. I really worry about their mental stability and perspective on the world.

So, I have a final message for the haters of this world. If you hate my blog, please don't read it. It will only annoy you - and that does no-one any good, except, perhaps, your doctor, who will be able to make money off of your subsequent illnesses. So, if you hate my blog and the way I write it...please just go away and hate someone else. I am sure they will love you for it.

As for the 98% of other people who are not haters, and who enjoy my blog for what it is...I shall resume my normal posting topics, tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, to those who should be reading.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 6:36 PM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a mystery, indeed. However, I think you illuminated it rather nicely.

As you know, I enjoy reading your blog very much, and I look forward to many more anecdotes and points of view that you have to offer.

4:17 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you Laktosefrei for your supportive thoughts. I will endeavour to continue with my writing, despite the disapproval in certain quarters.

Best wishes

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, and I am glad to hear that.

6:02 AM  

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