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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Glenn Doman Assumption.

Glenn Doman is the originator of a method of teaching children at a very early age. He has many enthusiastic followers, around the world, who rave about his methods. However, according to a Wikipedia article that references him, the scientific support isn't really there, for his approach.

Anyway, that is besides the point. What moves me to write, today, is that, ever since Ainan emerged into the public eye, I have seen people refer to him as a "Glenn Doman" child. They state, without any knowledge or evidence, that Ainan is the product of the Glenn Doman method. He is not. It is an absolute lie to say that he is. We have had nothing to do with the Glenn Doman method and, indeed, know very little about it.

When Ainan was four months old, a salesman for a child development company came to our house, selling the Glenn Doman method as an intervention. He observed: "You have a super baby". Our response? "How do you know?". I suppose he might have picked up on the fact that the baby was crawling at four months. We, however, thought Ainan was perfectly normal, being, as we were, first time parents.

We sent him on his way - and did NOT buy anything from him. That was the first, last and only time we have had contact with Glenn Doman's representatives.

Personally, I find it annoying to see Ainan's name used by promoters of the Glenn Doman method. There are many sites linking to my website that list our blog under "Glenn Doman related sites". Well, this is NOT a Glenn Doman related site. We have never had anything to do with Glenn Doman and have no interest in having anything to do with him or his methods. Indeed, I think it is immoral, unethical and misleading of the Glenn Doman promoters to state that Ainan is a product of a method we have never used and have never had any access to or interest in.

So, let me state it clearly: following the Glenn Doman method will not make your child into an Ainan. The reason for this is simple: Ainan was not made in that way. He emerged, quite naturally, and became the way he is, without any commercial programme or intervention of any kind.

Don't be fooled, therefore. If you are being sold a Glenn Doman programme on the basis that Ainan is supposedly a product of it, just don't buy it. Ainan has never been exposed to the Glenn Doman method. You cannot expect, therefore, to invest your child with Ainan's qualities, using a programme that played no part in his development.

I am left to wonder whether all the links we have seen from Glenn Doman related sites are a commercial policy of the Glenn Doman organization. If anyone knows anything about this, please comment below. Thank you.

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