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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The politeness of Michael Jackson fans.

I was struck, some while back, by the politeness of Michael Jackson fans and by their adherence to a reasonable posture. This realization came to me, by reading their responses to my post on Michael Jackson. I had written a mixed post. I had pointed out that, at the time of his death, he was the most famous man on Earth...but I also noted that this did not seem to be appropriate, since he was a man who simply made songs, and danced. I compared him to the - surprisingly less famous - Jesus Christ, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad and the like. I did not expect the response of Michael Jackson's fans to be one of thanks, to me, for having written of him. In a way, this surprised me more to learn, than to come to know that he was the most famous man in history.

I did not expect the response of his fans to be so warm, so friendly and so thankful. My post wasn't one of praise to Mr. Jackson, it was one of puzzlement that he should be so famous - yet, they saw something in my message to be thankful for. Perhaps it was that I, who was not a fan, was actually calling attention to the impact of his life. I cannot know what they saw in my remarks - but I do know this: a man is measured not so much by what he does in his life, but the effect that he has after he has gone. By this measure Michael Jackson had a successful life indeed. He has left behind legions of fans who have nothing but kind words to say of him, and kind thoughts to spread of him. They carry on his message, with a kind of fervour that would impress anyone - even someone, like me, who was never a fan.

It seems to me, that despite having had a life of much controversy, that he succeeded in touching the hearts of many and leaving a positive legacy in their minds. It is that legacy that leads them to respond with warmth to a post that was not warm (though not cold either). In the end, I have come to a kind of respect for the man himself, that his fans should be so civilized. As the saying goes: "Birds of a feather flock together". If Michael Jackson, or MJ, as they like to call him, is measured by his fans, then he was a significant man indeed.

Thank you, to his fans, for teaching me something about people - and for showing me a better way to respond to all the mixed voices of comment in this world.

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