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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have reached one of Blogger's inherent limits. Oddly, nowhere was it stated, in anything that I read, along the way, that Blogger had any limit such as this. You see, I cannot write any new labels. Apparently, Blogger only permits 2,000 different labels per blog. I find this most odd, since, surely, storage space on computers, these days, is rather cheap - so why limit the number of labels at all?

You will have noticed that I have stopped giving detailed labels at the ends of posts. This is because I cannot do so any longer. I can only use labels that I have used before. Thus, I am now permanently constrained to be non-specific and unclear in my labelling of posts. This has the effect, of course, of making posts more difficult to find.

It occurs to to me that Blogger must not have intended Blogspot to be supportive of people who really have a lot to write about. Perhaps they anticipated that "bloggers" would be: a) very repetitive so in need of few different labels b) unproductive, writing little, so having little need for new labels c)that bloggers would give up blogging long before they reached these limits. Now, I must say that these assumptions are true of many bloggers. Most blogs are abandoned soon after they are begun (when people realize that they don't write themselves and require daily attention). Most bloggers do, in fact, write on a narrow range of topics - some blogs are incredibly slender in their focus. So, too, many bloggers write relatively little. So, given this, perhaps Blogger feel safe placing such a modest labelling limit on its blogs. Yet, this system punishes those they should most truly be supportive of: the productive, daily bloggers, who write consistently, across several topics, across the span of years. ALL of these bloggers will run out of labels, soon enough - and yet these are the most important bloggers of all. They are the ONLY bloggers who are actually keeping the platform alive and making it a substantial creative medium for people to enjoy.

So, I ask this of Blogger, should they ever read my words: shelve the label limit. Let bloggers use as many labels as they wish. It is clear that the ONLY bloggers punished by a label limit are the ones who should be most supported: the most productive bloggers. It seems both shortsighted and self-defeating to limit the output of the most productive writers. By doing so, Blogger is actually damaging its own platform. So, lift the label limit - and let me write as I please!

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 3:53 PM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, its been a while! Here's a thought that might help with this:

When they created the 2000 labels limit, I am going to make a guess and say that the programmer simply thought something along the lines of "2000 is an awful lot. That's probably enough." and did not give it anywhere near as much thought as you have in your post. It is also possible, though, that there is some other reason. Even if there is enough storage space, maybe it would slow down searches too much or use too much processing power on the server. (I saw that happen to a website once where a script was trying to display the information in tens of thousands of accounts at once - that web page completely broke).

Just in case blogger does have the processing power and the programmer really did just type in 2000 arbitrarily as a number that seemed big enough, I would send it to blogger in the form of a bug report (it is a repeatable problem after all!) and include the snippet where you explain that you want the ability to write daily on every of the millions of subjects life has to offer, mentioning that the best bloggers will be crippled by this (a very powerful point I thought!) and see if they will fix it for you.

- K

2:32 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you for the analysis, K, and the suggestion...I shall try to make a bug report of it (though I have never done this and shall have to find out how to do it.)


2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just sending to say, it may not be a bug. But a limit imposed by the blog programmer/developer, due to the restrictions afforded by the size of the hard drives in the servers. You may want to inquire the site creators/developers of a possibility for a larger storage space - Sharky

1:13 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you Sharky for your advice. Interestingly, Blogger seems to have expanded its limit since I posted. Perhaps they actually read my post!

Kind regards

6:30 PM  

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