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Monday, September 07, 2009

A nation of self-important people.

There seem to be quite a few self-important people, here, in Singapore. At least, that is my interpretation of a certain behaviour I have observed.

It has long irritated me that quite a few people, here, in education, in Singapore, just don't answer emails. That is, I write to them...and they don't write back - or they promise to do so, but then don't. This latter tactic was the one invariably used by the Compulsory Education Unit, (who deal with homeschooling permission) who were always promising to "revert shortly" - but who never did, of course.

My view on the multiple people who fail to write back is that they consider themselves too important to be seen to write back to a query from the parent of a child discussing the education of said child. It is either that, or that they consider such education, in itself, unimportant. Anyway, it comes across that they seem to think themselves above others, to such an extent that they shouldn't even bother to acknowledge them.

They never seem to consider the impression this makes, nor on the fact that word of their behaviour tends to be spread further afield, through the people I know (and the people others know, who have been similarly treated). It seems that they don't value the word of mouth that they are generating. Again, this seems to show a certain disdain for the "people".

What is funny about this is that, supposedly, the people I have been writing to are meant to "serve the people" - but it seems that, in actual fact, they serve nothing but their own egos. It is tiring, of course, having to deal with their tendency to silence...making it just one more indelible impression of modern Singapore. After a while, the overall impression is not so pretty...not as pretty as the PR for the state, would have us believe.

I have written to several people, in education, recently, and not received replies. After a while, it makes one realize that, perhaps, it is just not worth putting up with. There are alternative options, out there.

I will take the time to examine them.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 10:33 AM 


Blogger Indiana said...

That's because as a whole the focus of education here is too focused on the system and exists with teacher-centric classrooms rather than having the focus on where it needs to be, how much are the student's really learning.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Yes. The system loves itself too much and the people too little...with obvious results.

12:02 PM  

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