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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hollywood stereotypes, in Tiarnan's eyes.

Tiarnan, three, is, as most three year olds are, an avid consumer of Hollywood products - with a bias towards cartoons, over "real" films - though he likes those, too. Today, he had something funny to observe about them.

Tiarnan turned to his mummy with a slight frown on his forehead.

"Why do bad guys have small heads and big bodies?", he asked her.

She would have laughed, but for the seriousness of his intent. I am not privy to her answer...but only to his question. However, the question itself is funny - and telling. It immediately called to mind the Terminator movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger...a man big of body, small of head (by proportion)...or any of the other tough guys. Then, again, thinking of the cartoons he watched, it was most clear that he was right: the bad guys competed with each other, over muscularity and sheer body mass.

It is refreshing listening to Tiarnan talk of how he sees things. In his eyes, the world seems new, again. It is also oddly surprising to witness the natural wisdom of his questions. He asks the questions we would ask, if only we were still alive to the world, and its ways.

Perhaps I should have a talk to him about how intelligence is undervalued in some quarters...Hollywood in particular...and how brawn/beauty is elevated to a place it does not deserve. Funnily enough, it is in America that we find the worship of the physical taken to its extreme. That is just what Tiarnan was noticing in their cartoons, of course.

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