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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An unexpected architect.

Ainan has long been a designer of buildings, either drawing them or making them. The other day, however, I discovered something unexpected.

I came across Ainan sitting in the kitchen. Next to him, on the dining table was a model of a building - a most exotic construction. It was of the most otherworldly design, looking at it felt like one had glimpsed a tower from an alien city. It was both bizarre and beautiful.

"That's lovely, Ainan." I said, assuming him to be the creator of the work.

"It's Fintan's.", he said, looking at it with respect.

"Fintan's?" I said, to check what I had heard.

"Yes. Fintan's."

I felt, perhaps, we were both impressed. There was something very sophisticated about the design - and something original too. This building had a vision all of its own. It was unlike any building I had ever seen. Fintan had taken the idea of a building and made it his own.

Fintan is only five years old. Yet, I can see something happening in him, that happened in Ainan, too, when he was a younger boy: his mind is starting to come alive, he is starting to express himself and show a unique character and viewpoint. Fintan's viewpoint is different to Ainan's. That building, for instance, which Fintan had designed, was unlike any that Ainan had ever made. Fintan's was made to fulfil an inner aesthetic, Ainan's were always designed to be structurally sound and solid. Fintan designed for beauty, Ainan designed for longevity. They had a different outlook on what a building should be - but each also had their own viewpoint as to what a good building was. Ainan's buildings had their own characteristic personality and flavour - and now I had discovered that Fintan's did, too - but a very different one.

It is funny to think that they are brothers and therefore share 50% of their genes - because there are both great differences and great similarities between them.

I don't know how Fintan is going to develop, but I am already seeing the beginnings of a boy taking his own path, in his own way, to his own destination - even if it is not yet clear, to us, where that might be.

It is interesting to note, though, that Fintan is showing high spatial skills - for that is one of Ainan's attributes, too. Yet, they each make different use of those skills.

Though I wonder at the future, the present is interesting enough as a parent. It is good to see each of them flower in their own way, yet also just as interesting to see the inter-relationships and commonalities between them. They are brothers, after all...

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 5:37 PM 


Blogger Colin said...

You really do need to post pictures so that we can all share the pleasure of the building...

My alarm bells started ringing when I saw that you had used the word 'outlook'. But then I saw that you used it correctly, hahaha. Singaporeans think that 'outlook' equates with 'outward appearance', and it is increasingly irritating.

One thing I want to point out, or rather, bring up. Genes do not necessarily dictate a person character, do they? I''ve always though that the soul is different from the genes, just as the mind is distinct from the brain. Is there any evidence to show otherwise?

1:28 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Regarding pictures, I will have to see what I can do. I have kind of been running a basically picture free blog owing to technical issues at my end. I will try to get around to looking into it.

Genes: well, I think they determine or influence a lot more than people realize. I would say they have strong influences over character, too. "Dictate" might be too strong a word - but certainly "influence" would be true of genes regarding personality.

The more that is known about genetic inheritance, the more it seems we are predetermined, in our basic attributes.

Best wishes.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous frank low said...

I wanna see pictures!!!

4:38 AM  

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