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Thursday, September 25, 2008

China's eternal food scandal.

China will always have a food supply problem. In fact, China's food supply problems will be one of the world's few eternal facts: human nature will make it so.

I shall explain. China's political elite don't eat the food others eat. They don't shop at the local supermarket and have to put up with whatever contaminants might (will) be in the frequently toxic foods - no, you see China's elite know there is a problem with Chinese food. Now, in a rational, advanced, democratic state the answer would be to solve the food problem by ensuring that all Chinese food was safe. However, in communist China they have another solution: special food for the elite. Indeed there is a Special Food Supply Centre, whose purpose is to arrange organically grown foods of the highest quality for the ruling elite (and retirees) of the Chinese government.

You would, perhaps, be a little stunned at the type of food these elite people have access to, while their proletariat eat the equivalent of swill. They drink organic tea from the foothills of Tibet, organic hormone free beef from the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, rice watered by melted mountain snow. To me, those foods sound wonderful. Contrast those with what the ordinary people of China have to eat: vegetables laced with poisonous levels of pesticide residues, fish tainted with cancer causing chemicals, eggs coloured artificially with dye, fake "alcohol" that causes blindness and death, pastries stuffed not with goodies, but bacterial colonies - and not forgetting the baby killing milk.

So, in China we have a strange situation in which anyone of Vice-Minister rank or above, active or retired, and their families, get to eat exclusive organically grown foods of the highest world beating standards, while the ordinary Chinese person is subject to a daily Russian roulette with a frequently toxic cocktail of nasties in their food supply chain.

It doesn't take much knowledge of human nature to conclude that the ruling elite KNOW there is plenty wrong with the food of China - and so have arranged to ensure that they, at least, don't have to eat it. Theirs is the best of food, the safest of food. It seems not to move them at all that, meanwhile, their people are suffering and dying from the simple act of eating.

Now, while this situation persists - the ruling elite being insulated from the food problems of the proletariat - there will be no incentive for that ruling elite to improve matters for the ordinary Chinese person (or foreign export consumer for that matter). The problem of toxic food is not something that will ever bother the ruling class personally - so it is something that they can safely ignore.

One obvious change would bring an overnight improvement for all: if the ruling elite were not allowed special food and had to eat what everyone else ate. The day that happens is the day that the Chinese people will suddenly find their food safe to eat.

Sadly, for the people of China, being a communist state that it is, the ruling party will always be insulated from the concerns of the ordinary person. They will ever eat the best of food - and everyone else will continue to suffer random poisoning. It is not going to change, until China's political system changes. When the rulers eat the food of the ruled, then the food will be worth eating - but not until then.

I think the Chinese people will have a long time to wait, for this to be truly solved. They might even have to wait for democracy to arrive - and that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

Good luck China.

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