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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The life of Reilly

"The life of Reilly" was a phrase not infrequently uttered when I was growing up. Today, the phrase came to mind on hearing of Fintan's latest antics.

Fintan had gone to a kids party, in the run up to Christmas. Like many a kid of his age (four) he is rather fond of cars. So, on spotting a car, he duly hopped into it, raring to go. Unfortunately, cars fit for four year olds happen to come without engines. So, there he was, sitting in his car, wanting to race around, but without any horsepower to do so.

The situation didn't last long. He may have lacked a car engine, but he didn't lack the kind of appeal that commonly goes with an impressive sports car: within seconds four girls of his own age volunteered to help him. They gathered as one behind his car and began to push him around the house, while he steered.

It was very funny to see how he solved the problem of no engine. He got himself an engine, Fintan-style - in the shape of four helpful young ladies.

They tirelessly pushed him around the party until he had had his fill of driving.

Thank you, girls, for giving Fintan such a welcome. Merry Xmas to you all.

(If you would like to learn more of Ainan Celeste Cawley, a scientific child prodigy, aged eight years and no months, or his gifted brothers, Fintan, four years and five months, and Tiarnan, twenty-two months, please go to: I also write of gifted education, IQ, intelligence, the Irish, the Malays, College, University, Chemistry, Science, genetics, left-handedness, precocity, child prodigy, child genius, baby genius, adult genius, savant, gifted adults and gifted children in general. Thanks.)

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