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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Secret of the Power Rangers

Are the Power Rangers hiding an operational secret? Fintan has the answer.

Yesterday, we decided to go to the Jewel Box on Mount Faber - a hilltop restaurant venue overlooking Singapore and Sentosa. It affords great views of the city from one of the highest vantages in the region. More of that, however, in another post.

We were with my mother and sister. So, with my wife and I and three kids, that made far too many for one taxi. Thus, we had to take two.

I went with my immediate relatives - Syahidah took everyone else, in a separate cab.

Syahidah was, perhaps, feeling a bit mischievous. She told the driver: "We're in a race. If we arrive second, you have to give us a discount!"

The driver was game, and nodded his agreement.

Ainan piped up at that moment: "You have to win - but you can't break any traffic rules."

The driver laughed at that. Ainan was clearly considering the issue of speeding (he is a careful boy).

The race was on. The only problem was that the driver wasn't sure where he was going. He soon got lost, Mount Faber being a rarely requested destination (I, for one, have only visited it once before in the last seven years).

At a loss, he picked up his hand phone and called someone for help. He spoke in rapid-fire Chinese.

Syahidah turned to Fintan, four, and said: "See Fintan, he is calling the Power Rangers for help."

Fintan looked stunned, "The Power Rangers speak Chinese!", he exclaimed, flabbergasted. Nothing could have been more of a surprise.

The next time he met a Power Ranger, he would know how to address them.

For the remainder of the journey, he looked at the driver with respect, no doubt thinking: "That man has the phone number for the Power Rangers."

When Syahidah arrived at the Jewel Box, she found us waiting there, already.

The driver duly gave her a discount, as promised. Any friend of the Power Rangers, keeps his word.

It was a comical beginning to a great evening.

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