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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Time Magazine: Failing our geniuses.

"Are we failing our geniuses?" asks a Time Magazine article featured, I am told, on the front cover.

Curiously, I never got to see a copy of this on stands here, in Singapore: perhaps it sold out, as it hit the stands, Singapore being keen on such matters.

Anyway, it is good to see a mainstream, mass circulation magazine, like Time Magazine, give attention to an issue that is often ignored by media: are we doing enough for our gifted children?

The answer, from the article, seems to be a resounding "no". It looks in particular at the situation on the ground in America and it doesn't seem all that encouraging.

Typically, since the 1980s in America, grade-skipping has been discouraged. This has led to a couple of decades of frustration for gifted children across the USA, being forced to receive "education" alongside their age-mates. The article urges grade-skipping as a sensible means to address the issue of the bored, frustrated gifted children in our midst.

In short, the article proposes some of the things I have been writing about for the past year - but it is good to see them get a wider airing in a major publication: perhaps the coverage will help gifted children across the US get what they need.

As an example of what can be done for the most gifted of children, the Davidson Academy in Reno, Nevada is featured. This Academy was set-up by the billionaire Davidsons to offer a free education to exceptional children that allows them to accelerate as they please. According to the article, people are moving from all over the US - and indeed from outside the US - to Reno, just so that their kids can attend the school.

The Time Magazine article appeals, however, for a broader solution to the problem, rather than a Davidson style approach - and suggests that grade-skipping should be allowed, generally, once more, as once it was.

To read the article, click here:,9171,1653653,00.html

I am grateful to my blog reader who pointed my way to the article. I would not otherwise have known of it. Thanks.

(If you would like to learn more of Ainan Celeste Cawley, a scientific child prodigy, aged seven years and eight months, or his gifted brothers, Fintan, four years and one month, and Tiarnan, eighteen months, please go to: I also write of gifted education, IQ, intelligence, College, University, Chemistry, Science, genetics, left-handedness, child prodigy, child genius, baby genius, adult genius, savant, gifted adults and gifted children in general. Thanks.)

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And Valentine, what do you think Calvin & Hobbes as a source of support for genius misunderstood? Your blog and that strip are my two biggest resources.

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