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Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthday of a Singapore Cowboy

Today is Fintan's fourth birthday. Yesterday, however, we celebrated it.

The party was held at Fintan's grandmother's house and guests included both relatives and friends from various backgrounds and races - including an American theologian!

The theme was Cowboys, since Fintan is rather fond of them. Thus Syahidah did her traditional thing and drew themed posters for the house: cowboy scenes, poster sheriffs, cactuses and general western landscapes. She also made up - or selected - a group of games for the kids centred around the Western theme: Sheriff's Badge (a game of pin the badge on the Sheriff, while blindfolded); Paint the cactus; Newspaper Quicksand; Shooting the cactus; Bean the Cowboy Hat; a Western Pinata Boot.

Although Fintan was not well on the day, he enjoyed himself surrounded by friends, getting involved in the games and being surprised by his presents.

It was almost impossible not to stop his fellow three and four year olds from opening his presents for him: their little hands piled in, the moment adults backed off. As it was, therefore, Fintan did not manage to get to open all of his presents himself. His friends were as eager as him to get inside.

When it came to the Pinata, everyone took turns to beat it - but the winner, in the sense of first to break in, was Ainan.

A queue of three and four year olds took turns to pin the badge on the Sheriff. They were all over the place. Ainan however, had his own method - and, although blindfolded, managed to get the badge exactly on target - not even off by a millimetre. It was quite an ingenious technique which he used - which I shan't describe lest I spoil the game or any variation, forever, for everyone. Let us just say that it worked well.

Both Tiarnan and Fintan found a favourite friend - a girl apiece (!) with whom they spent much of their time. Tiarnan, in particular, was very cute with his new friend, Chloe. It is clear that he is both socially adept, and socially at ease, in his little world.

Thank you to all who made their way to the party - and thanks also for the gifts, for Fintan. He much appreciates them.


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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 6:52 PM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Fintan!

7:01 AM  
Blogger EbTech said...

Why must you tease us so! Saying that Ainan has effectively solved a popular game but refusing to explain how! Do you realize that every scientifically minded person reading this will feel obliged to spend time attempting to rediscover his method? Mathematicians solve games all the time, a dime a dozen, without so much as a shred of concern for the future of those games!

I understand if you do not wish to make Ainan's ideas public, but I would not be too concerned about the game. If a solution exists, someone will find it eventually! ;)

Happy... well, Fintan must be nearly six and a half by now!

1:41 AM  
Blogger Syahidah and Valentine said...

I am not sure that anyone else would be able to apply Ainan's solution...since it depended rather on his own abilities!

Re. Fintan. Thanks for your well-wishes.

9:02 AM  

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