The boy who knew too much: a child prodigy

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why: "The Boy Who Knew Too Much"?

It seems from some of the comments I have received, over the months, that the meaning behind my blog title is not as universally understood as I would like. To clarify a little I am going to post a copy of a comment in response to one puzzled commenter:

"The title of my blog is meant to capture the sense one gets on talking to Ainan that no-one could possibly know so much. It is not meant to propose the idea that he should know less. Naming a blog can be tricky since words may be misinterpreted, or read in ways other than intended. Ainan "knows too much" only in the sense that he creates in a listener the sense that what he does is somehow bordering the impossible...for how can one so young know so much? That is what I wanted to relate.

My title is not giftist - it is a title written from wonder - though I see how it could be misread."

So, my blog title is meant to evoke the wonder that comes from speaking to Ainan, when he chooses to speak his mind. It was never intended to suggest that he be diminished in any way. Thus, it cannot be said to be "Giftist" (a word of my invention, recently).

I hope that answers anyone who has taken exception to the title.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 9:59 AM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the explanation Valentine. That's what I thought you meant. I was curious about your reasons though and thought it best to wait and hear your answer before venturing any guesses. :) Take care, Carina

3:40 AM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

No problem Carina...thanks for having the patience to wait for an answer!

Best wishes

8:52 AM  

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