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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A reflection on blogging: an inexhaustible life

I have surprised myself with how, each day, I find something to write about. When I began blogging, I did not know whether that would be possible. Now I do.

What is it that allows me to write daily? Well, I have found that my children provide abundant material. I have three kids and a careful eye upon them reveals many interesting things which I can relate, daily. It is my hope that this will prove to be an inexhaustible source of interesting anecdotes relating to the lives of gifted children, as exemplified by one family, the Cawleys of Singapore.

I wish to keep this online account going indefinitely. I do not know, however, how long it is possible to keep seeing new things in one's children. That in itself is an interesting question: is there an infinite variety of things to observe in a single family? Perhaps there is. It would certainly be rewarding to think so.

I would like to thank those of you who have interacted with me through responding to the material posted. If you have a thought to share - just comment and I will reply too.

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posted by Valentine Cawley @ 12:03 PM 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I do believe there is an inexhaustible wealth of material to write about inasmuch as we continue to live and experience life.

Our children are never the same and as they learn about the world, they reflect an unending variety of life's experiences.

Your children will be lucky to have a written journal of their exploits as seen through your eyes.

I do enjoy your clear writing stlye that brings each entry to life. I look forward to reading what each new day brings in the life of the Cawleys of Singapore.

I would appreciate one clarification. Could you provide a phonetic guide to the pronunciation of your names? (I think I've got 'Valentine' figured out, but I'm not sure if my version of the others is correct.)

Thank you!


11:51 PM  
Blogger Valentine Cawley said...

Thank you for your affirmation - and appreciation, Pam.

It has occurred to me, too, that without this blog, it is doubtful that we would keep such a record of their lives: so it provides them with something to read when they are older - and see the children they once were.

As for the pronounciation of our names: you are are right to ask. I will post on that over the weekend. I will not use phonetic symbols since very few people understand them - but will use syllables that all can read.

Best wishes

12:48 AM  

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