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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rousseau: correction of a misunderstanding

Regarding the posting on Rousseau's thought regarding women and genius, a number of women have posted, on another site, a misinterpretation of my intention.

Firstly, I do not hold Rousseau's opinion myself. I was just interested in whether his opinion actually represented a phenomenon at work in the modern world: what do women actually think about and feel towards geniuses? I would also ask the question the other way around: what do men think of WOMEN of genius? Are they attracted or not?

One poster thought that Rousseau implicitly stated that women could not be geniuses. I don't think he meant that at all, since he clearly thought highly of women, for a man of his time, calling them: "Cleverer than matters of practical reason." Also there were a few distinguished women, from aristocratic circles, that Rousseau would have known about and perhaps had acquaintance with.

Neither, as one poster suggested, do I have "veiled contempt for women": an astonishing conclusion to come to. I have always had a fondness for women, and, indeed, most of my friends have been women, in my life. Furthermore I have been more interested in those who were talented, gifted or otherwise on the way to genius (at least one is a genius), than those who were not - so I personally have shown a bias TOWARDS women of gift.

So, let us consider the question both ways: what do men think of genius women...and what do women think of genius men?

I would be interested in your comments. Thanks.

If you would like to read the original posting on Rousseau, click here: Thanks.

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